Saturday, 15 July 2006

Web-Based Meteorological/Soil Profile Data Dissemination and Visualization:.

Teferi Tsegaye1, Mezemir Wagaw1, Marius Schamschula1, Wubishet Tadesse1, Robert Metzl1, Tommy Coleman1, and Garry L. Schaefer2. (1) Alabama A&M Univ, 4900 Meridian Street, Normal, AL 35762, (2) USDA-NRCS, National Water and Climate Center, 1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Suite 802, Portland, OR 97232

The Center for Hydrology Soil Climatology and Remote Sensing at Alabama A&M University operates the Alabama Mesonet (ALMNet). This unique network of ALMNet is made up of eleven combination meteorological/soil profile stations and twelve soil profile stations. The combination stations are also part of the USDA NRCS SCAN network. The original ALMNet stations (seven SCAN sites) were installed February 2002. Since June 2003 the Alabama Mesonet should really be called the Alabama/Tennessee Mesonet, since the USDA NRCS added three stations in adjacent counties north of the state line. In August 2003, one soil profile station (Bragg Farm) was converted to a SCAN site. Our web site is currently serving as an Internet based resource for northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee weather and climate data. A reliable, dense observation network such as ALMNet is necessary to reduce vulnerability and maximize security of flood prone areas and improve operational efficiency of emergency management teams for all weather conditions of the southeastern USA. A long term data set of environmental and meteorological data is also crucial to forecast drought and flood at the local/regional/continental scale. In situations like the most recent weather conditions in the southeastern US, it is crucial for decision makers to have an access to a near real-time meteorological/soil profile database for examining and quickly respond to any unexpected environmental and social needs. The ALMNet enables resource managers and environmental decision-makers to identify potential hazardous areas and manage our ecological system more effectively.

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