Tuesday, 8 November 2005: 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
Convention Center,, Exhibit Hall ABC, Lower Level
205: Environmental Aspects of Waste and By-product Materials Applied to Soil
Sponsor:S11 Soils & Environmental Quality
Ryegrass Growth and Leachate Chemistry in Manufactured Topsoil Containing Spent Foundry Sand and Compost.*
Jennifer Hindman, Penn State University, Richard Stehouwer, Penn State University, Kirsten MacNeal, Penn State University
Using the Earthworm, Eisenia Fetida, to Assess the Ecotoxicity of Waste Foundry Sands.
Robert Dungan, USDA-ARS-AMBL, Nikki Dees, USDA-ARS-AMBL
Effects of Organic Amendment on Plant Availability of Nutrients and Heavy Metals.*
Zhenli He, University of Florida, Jinyan Yang, University of Florida, Guochao Chen, Zhejiang University, Yuangen Yang, University of Florida, Peter J. Stoffella, University of Florida, David V Calvert, University of Florida, Douglas J Banks, University of Florida
Biosolids Effect Soil Ba in a Dryland Wheat Agroecosystem.*
Kenneth Barbarick, Colorado State University, James Ippolito, Colorado State University, Edward Redente, Colorado State University
Effects of Biosolids Application on Turfgrass Performance.*
Pauline Lindo, MWRD-Chicago, Albert Cox, MWRD-Chicago, Thomas Granato, MWRD-Chicago
Cycling of Composted Municipal Biosolids Through Turfgrass Sod.*
Xiaoyan Dai, Texas A&M University, D.M. Vietor, Texas A&M University, N.E. Hansen, Texas A&M University, Tony Provin, Texas A&M University, C.L. Munster, Texas A&M University, T.W. Boutton, Texas A&M University, R.H. White, Texas A&M University, Frank Hons, Texas A&M University
Leaching Risk of Micro-Pollutants during Wastewater Irrigation.
Fredrick Ernst, University of California Riverside, Svetlana Bondarenko, University of California Riverside, Weichun Yang, University of California Riverside, Steve Bries, University of California Riverside, Jay Gan, University of California Riverside
Environmental Effects of Sewage Sludge Application to Agricultural Soil.
Alison L. Spongberg, University of Toledo, Kevin Czajkowski, University of Toledo
Long-Term Trace Metal Retention in a Coarse-Textured Forest Soil after a Heavy Biosolids Application.
Julie Forcier, University of Washington
Leachate Chemistry of Mixtures of Fly Ash and Alkaline Coal Refuse.
Michel Beck, Virginia Tech, Lee Daniels, Virginia Tech, Matt Eick, Virginia Tech
Release Pattern of Selected Nutrient Elements in Soils Amended with Poultry Litter and Flyash.
Kenneth Sajwan, Savannah State University, Asha Richards, Savannah State University, Timothy Butterbaugh, Savannah State University, Mariel Potts, Savannah State University, Paramasivam Sivapatham, Savannah State University, Ashok Alva, USDA-ARS
Environmental Assessment of Coal Fly Ash for Soil Stabilization.
Paul Bloom, University of Minnesota, Kim Grosenheider, University of Minnesota, Michael Friend, University of Minnesota, Thomas Halbach, University of Minnesota, Marilyn Johnson, University of Minnesota
Leaching Losses of Trace Elements from Soils Amended with Poultry Litter and Flyash.
Paramasivam Sivapatham, Savannah State University, Karen Richards, Savannah State University, Akila Cooper, Savannah State University, Kenneth Sajwan, Savannah State University, Ashok Alva, USDA-ARS
Soil Pollution Assessment on Heavy Metals with Long-Term Application of Organic Wastes Using a Mathematical Mass Balance Model.
SOON IK KWON, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, Andrew C. Chang, University of California Riverside, WEIPING CHEN, University of California Riverside, JUNG DU SHIN, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, KYU HO SO, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, DONG KYU LIM, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology

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