Thursday, 10 November 2005: 8:25 AM
Convention Center,, Ballroom B, Lower Level
314: Turf Physiology, Stress, and Soil Modification
Sponsor:C05 Turfgrass Science
Presiding:Douglas Karcher, University of Arkansas
8:25 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:30 AMCompetitive Growth Responses of Three Cool-Season Grasses to Salinity & Drought Stresses.
Mohammad Pessarakli, University of Arizona, David Kopec, University of Arizona, Jeffrey Gilbert, University of Arizona
8:45 AMRespiratory Characteristics Associated with Plant Adaptation to High Soil Temperature for Geothermal and Turf-Type Agrostis Species. 
Shimon Rachmilevitch, Rutgers University, Bingru Huang, Rutgers University, Hans Lambers, The University of Western Australia
9:00 AMGenetic Transformation of Creeping Bentgrass for Increasing Cytokinin Synthesis. 
Bingru Huang, Rutgers University, Jinpeng Xing, Rutgers University, Thomas Gianfagna, Rutgers University
9:15 AMGrowth Responses of Twelve Inland Saltgrass Clones to Salt Stress.
Mohammad Pessarakli, The University of Arizona, David M. Kopec, The University of Arizona, Jeffrey Gilbert, The University of Arizona, Anthony Koski, Colorado State University, Yaling L. Qian, Colorado State University, Dana Christensen, Colorado State University
9:30 AMPhysiological Responses of Creeping Bentgrass to Waterlogging. 
Yiwei Jiang, Purdue University
9:45 AMNatural Derived and Synthetic Cytokinins Impact on Creeping Bentgrass Heat Tolerance.
Erik H. Ervin, VPI&SU, Xunzhong Zhang, VPI&SU
10:00 AMDiscussion
10:10 AMBreak
10:20 AMBest Management Practices to Enhance Winter Shaded Creeping Bentgrass Golf Greens. 
Christian Baldwin, Clemson University, Haibo Liu, Clemson University, Lambert McCarty, Clemson University, Steven Long, Clemson University, Jim Thackston, Clemson University
10:35 AMSalinity Monitoring of Turfgrass Sites. 
Robert N. Carrow, University of Georgia, Ian Flitcroft, University of Georgia
10:50 AMAlterations of C-Rich and N-Rich Defenses Associated with Cold Acclimation of Seeded Bermudagrass.
Xunzhong Zhang, VPI&SU, Erik H. Ervin, VPI&SU, Adrienne Labranche, VPI&SU
11:05 AMDesign and Construction of a Turfgrass Research Unit.
Grady Miller, University of Florida, Jerry Sartain, University of Florida
11:20 AMObjective Evaluation of Turf Quailty.
Douglas Karcher, University of Arkansas, Michael Richardson, University of Arkansas
11:35 AMAre Heat Tolerant Kentucky Bluegrasses Better Suited for the Transition Zone?.
Travis C. Teuton, University of Tennessee, John C. Sorochan, University of Tennessee, J. Scott McElroy, University of Tennessee, Christopher L. Main, Clemson University, Thomas C. Mueller, University of Tennessee
11:50 AMDiscussion
12:00 PMAdjourn

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