Sunday, November 12, 2006

Precision Farming for N Management.

Francis Pierce, Washington State Univ, Irrigated Agriculture Research & Extension Center, 24106 N Bunn Road, Prosser, WA 99350-8694 and Dan Long, USDA-ARS Col Plateau Cons Res Ctr, PO Box 370, Pendleton, OR 97801-0370.

The principles and practices of precision agriculture are closely aligned with those of nitrogen (N) management in crop production making precision farming for N management intuitively appealing. In practice, however, the success of precision N management is determined by the degree to which N placement strategies are matched to level and complexity of the spatial-temporal variability of the multiple factors controlling N availability in a given cropping system.  This paper synthesizes approaches, methods, and results from previous studies of precision N management in a range of cropping systems, discusses the extent to which managed variability produces a value stream to the grower and to society, and identifies future research directions