Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - 4:30 PM

The Use of Molecular Markers in Pioneer's Corn Breeding Program.

Geoffrey I. Graham and Dean Podlich. Pioneer A DuPont Company, 7250 NW 62nd Ave, PO Box 552, Johnston, IA 50131

Pioneer Hi-Bred has been breeding corn for over 75 consecutive years and one of our main research areas is how molecular markers can help our breeding programs. In the late 1990's after much research into methods of detecting Marker Trait Associations (MTA), we realized it would be more efficient to do this in the context of our breeding programs instead of specific populations that might not relate to the alleles segregating in our germplasm.  The history of breeding and complete pedigree records allow us to calculate Identity-By Descent (IBD) measures at all marker loci for all lines in our breeding germplasm. This information allows us to work across any specific line or population and identify regions of interest across our breeding program.