Monday, November 13, 2006 - 8:30 AM

Evaluation of Vitazyme as a Fertilizer Supplement in Establishing and Maintaining Bermudagrass.

Jack Rose, Hennen Cummings, Roger Wittie, and David Kattes. Tarleton State University, 1045 W. Pecan St., Stephenville, TX 76401

In combination with a complete fertilizer, Vitazyme has been demonstrated to increase plant biomass and yield in row crops.  If applied in turf it may be able to decrease the grow-in period for golf courses or the time needed to harvest sod.  Vitazyme was applied at 13 fl oz/A and 26 fl oz/A with and without a complete fertilizer to Princess 77 seeded bermudagrass at the Tarleton State Turfgrass Field Laboratory and Greenhouse in Stephenville, TX.  The application areas were rated every two weeks and Vitazyme was applied once a month.  Vitazyme in combination with a fertilizer increased quality, percent cover, and density compared to the nontreated; however, the effects were not significantly different from fertilizer alone.  Vitazyme at 13 fl oz/A alone significantly increased dry root biomass compared to the nontreated and fertilizer alone.