Sunday, November 12, 2006

Promoting Agronomy through the FFA.

Wade Kent, Iowa State Agronomy Club, 1415 Coconino Rd Apt. 301, Ames, IA 50014

The Iowa State University Agronomy Club has four primary goals in its  relationship with high school students: to show that agronomy is an open subject, encompassing many areas of study; to recruit new students to the Agronomy department; to recruit members for the Agronomy club; and to give high school students the opportunity to talk to college students. To accomplish these goals, the Agronomy Club arranges collegiate speakers, such as the Iowa State Crops Judging Team and Agronomy Club officers, at high school agricultural events. Collegiate crops judging demonstrates what college students are learning now and that knowledge learned in college can be useful in future careers in agriculture. Agronomy club officers provide insight into collegiate life and offer guidance to the high school students.The interaction between the Agronomy club and high school students has been a valuable experience for both groups.