Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Small Grains: Evolution and Impact of an Extension Website.

Jochum Wiersma, 2900 University Ave., University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota, NW Research & Outreach Center, Crookston, MN 56716

The Small Grains website (http://www.smallgrains.org) started in 1995 with the objective to create access to production information for Minnesota’s wheat and barley producers.  To evaluate the impact as an educational program, a mail and online survey were conducted in 2003.  As intended, Small Grains attained a sizeable audience in Minnesota and the Northern Plains. However, a little less than a quarter of the potential clientele is aware of Small Grains. The responses to the mail survey clearly indicate that creating awareness and/or promotion of the Small Grains website in other media is recommendable.  Small Grains allowed either creating or, at a minimum, improving access to relevant information for 68% of the mail survey respondents and over 88% of the online respondents. The access to the information provided on Small Grains has had an impact on more than 30% of the producers’ production practices and outcomes. This means that the amount of higher learning has been considerable.  As such Small Grains has succeeded in its educational goals.  

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