Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Corn Gluten Meal Application Timing and Rate Effects on Turfgrass Quality and Weed Suppression at Two Mowing Heights.

Robert Mugaas1, Brian Horgan2, and Andrew Hollman2. (1) Minnesota, Extension Service, University of Minnesota Extension Service, 4100 220th St. West Suite 101, Farmington, MN 55024-7080, (2) University of Minnesota - Department of Horticultural Science, 254 Alderman Hall, 1970 Folwell Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108

Abstract:  Corn gluten meal (CGM), a byproduct of the wet-milling corn processing industry, continues to gain popularity among the public as an organic fertilizer and preemergent herbicide.  Current recommendations are to apply 98 kg N ha-1 of  CGM in May and August.  However, little is known about the turfgrass quality or weed control when adjusting the time of year, frequency and rate of CGM applications.  Information is also lacking on its efficacy when applied to different turfgrass blends or mixtures mowed at various heights.  Therefore, the objective of this experiment is to evaluate the effectiveness of CGM as a turfgrass fertilizer and herbicide at two different mowing heights using different timing and application frequency schedules.  The experiment was initiated in 2001 by establishing 3 different mixtures and blends of commonly used turfgrasses.  Applications of CGM were made in triplicate at 98 kg N ha-1 in: early May only; early May and mid-June; early May and mid-August, early May, mid-August and late October; and late October only.  Statistical analysis of the replicated data will be presented.