Tuesday, November 14, 2006 - 10:15 AM

Benefits of Locating a University Research Farm and a Military Training Facility Next to Each Other.

Donald Biehle, Purdue University, 4425 E Co Rd 350 N, PO Box 216, Butterville, IN 47223 and Kenneth McCallister, US Army, PO Box 77, Butlerville, IN 47223.

A common problem associated with the operation of university research farms is the encroachment of the facilities by land use needs by other entities such as housing or commercial development or by right of way needs of road systems. Likewise a common problem associated with the operation of military facilities is some of the same encroachment issues. A unique situation in southeastern Indiana has the location of the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center next to the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. There are many benefits of this arrangement to both Purdue University and to the US Army. Encroachment possibilities are reduced for both entities because of the property boundaries that they share and the assurance of their long range plans for their facilities.