Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Impact of Defoliant Type and Application Timing on Soybean Yield and Seed Quality in the Mid-South USA.

Clifford Koger, "USDA-ARS, CGPRU", 141 Exp Station Rd., Stoneville, MS 38776, United States of America and Daniel O. Stephenson, University of Arkansas, P.O. Box 48, Keiser, AR 72351.

The use of desiccants in soybean production systems of the midsouth USA has increased in recent years. The increase in desiccant use is partly due to the increased use of foliar fungicides that allow the plant to stay greener longer into the growing season, thus necessitating a desiccant to promote plant maturity and to allow harvesting. The increased presence of late-season grass weeds in midsouth USA soybean also often requires desiccants to dry the weed biomass so that harvesting efficiency can be maintained. A multitude of desiccant types and combinations were tested for their effect on soybean leaf drop, plant maturity, soybean yield, seed test weight, and seed quality.