Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - 8:55 AM

A Geographic Profile of Manure Production and Antbiotic Use in the Ogallala Aquifer Region.

Prasanna Gowda1, William Rice1, Kuldip Kumar2, and Terry A. Howell1. (1) CPRL-USDA-ARS, PO Drawer 10, Bushland, TX 79012-0010, (2) Research and Development, MWRDGC, 6001 W Pershing Rd, Cicero, IL 60804-4112

In the past three decades, animal production in the United States has been moving towards consolidation. This study profiles the animal density, manure production, and antibiotic usage in the Ogallala aquifer region that covers eight states in the Central U.S. The amount of manure was estimated by county along with major nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus using state-specific manure-production and nutrient composition charts provided by agricultural extension services. Antibiotic use was estimated by county using the industry recommended doses per animal. Also, relationship between animal density and crop land acreage was evaluated. This information is useful for researchers involved in developing renewable sources of energy from manure; and air and water quality.