Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Evaluation of Cotton Growth and Yields Following Simulated Cadre Carryover.

P.J. Wiatrak1, T.W. Katsvairo2, D.L. Wright2, and J.J. Marois2. (1) Clemson Univ. / Edisto REC, 64 Research Rd., Blackville, SC 29817, (2) Univ. of Florida, 155 Research Rd., Quincy, FL 32303

The objective of this study was to evaluate the carryover effect of Cadre application on cotton growth and yields. Cadre was broadcast applied pre-emergence at rates ranging from 0.001 to 0.063 lb ai/A. Generally, cotton plant height decreased with increasing Cadre applications. The shortest plants were noticed with the highest application of Cadre in cotton (0.063 lb ai/A). The average boll and node numbers per cotton plant were generally high, except for the treatment with the Cadre DG application at 0.063 lb ai/A. The highest lint uniformity was obtained with applications of Cadre DG at 0.016, 0.063, 0.004, and 0.002 lb ai/A, and also from untreated control. Cadre application did not influence the plant index, leaf area index (LAI), percent lint, lint yield, and lint micronaire, length, staple, and strength.