Monday, November 13, 2006

Summer Annual Variety Trial.

Shawn Norton, Jagadeesh Mosali, and Jim Johnson. The Noble Foundation, PO Box 2180, Ardmore, OK 73402

Summer annual forages are sometimes needed to fill forage gaps in the Noble Foundation service area.  There is no current university yield testing of summer annual forages in Oklahoma or within our service area in Texas.  This project was undertaken to identify adapted species and varieties of summer annual forages and quantify yields of these.Yield data from 2003 are in Table 1.  All entries have been analyzed for statistical differences as a single group.  More meaningful comparisons of varieties can be made from data analyzed by grouping forage types.  Care should be taken not to make comparisons based on yield alone.  High yielding entries may very well cost more per ton of dry matter to produce than lesser yielding entries.