Reports by Antonio P. Mallarino

Remote Sensing Imagery as a Tool to Map High pH and Calcareous Soils on a Field Scale.
Runoff Phosphorus Loss Immediately after Surface Application of Fertilizer and Swine, Poultry, or Beef Manure.
Soil Phosphorus, Grain Yield, and Phosphorus Removal During Twelve Years of Phosphorus Management for Corn-Soybean Rotations.
Use of Discrete Marginal Analysis for Calculating Economically Optimal Rates of Nitrogen Fertilization for Corn.
Using On-Farm Strip-Trials Across Many Sites and Years to Improve Nitrogen Management for Corn.
Yield, Potassium Removal, and Post-Harvest Soil-Test Values as Affected by Potassium Fertilization for Corn and Soybean.