Reports by Ann Blount

Bahiagrass Genotypic Root Variation and its Effect on Soil Nitrogen.
Daylength and bahiagrass genotype affect herbage accumulation and rhizome and root mass.
Generation and Evaluation of Tetraploid Hybrids in Bahiagrass.
Improving Silage Yield and Seasonal Distribution of Ryegrass in the Southeastern USA.
Influence of a Mono-crop vs. a Mixture and Pasture Planting Method on Cool Season Forage Availability for Grazing by Beef Cattle.
Potential of the Annual Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) as a Forage Crop for the Southeastern USA.
Reproductive Characterization of Several Natural and Induced Bahiagrass Tetraploids.
Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Transgenic Forage and Turf Grasses.