Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 8:55 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 210, Second Floor
163: Crop Physiology: Stress and General Physiology
Sponsor:C02 Crop Physiology and Metabolism
Presiding:Maria Balota, 2301 Experiment Station Rd
8:55 AMIntroductory Remarks
9:00 AMPeanut and cotton water use and physiological response to conservation tillage systems.
Diane Rowland, NPRL, Wilson Faircloth, NPRL, Kathy Gray, NPRL
9:15 AMPhysiological Responses of Corn and Cotton under Limited Irrigation Management. 
Jonghan Ko, Texas A&M Univ. Res. & Ext. Ctr., Giovanni Piccinni, Texas A&M Univ. Res. & Ext. Ctr., Brian Trees, Texas A&M Univ. Res. & Ext. Ctr., Shinsuke Agehara, Texas A&M Univ. Res. & Ext. Ctr., Ty Witten, Monsanto, Mikhailo Kolomiets, Texas A&M University
9:30 AMStress responses in three contrasting cowpea (Vigna unguiculata [L.] Walp.) cultivars with differential sensitivity to UV-B radiation. 
Giridara K. Surabhi, Mississippi State University, Shardendu Kumar Singh, Mississippi State University, K.R. Reddy, Mississippi State University
9:45 AMEffects of high nighttime temperature on rice (Oryza sativa L.) growth, development and physiology. 
Abdul-razack Mohammed, Texas A&M University, Elliott W. Rounds, Texas A&M University, Lee Tarpley, Texas A&M University
10:00 AMBreak
10:30 AMRice enzymes related to grain filling. 
Paul Counce, Rice Research & Extension Cntr, Terry J. Siebenmorgen, Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas, Nora T. Watson Cooper, Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas
10:45 AMGibberellin applied to the rice main crop increases ratoon-crop yield.
Elliott Rounds, Texas A&M University, Abdul-Razack Mohammed, Texas A&M University, Lee Tarpley, Mississippi State University
11:00 AMIdentification of fine root meso-diameter classes.
Richard Zobel, USDA-ARS-AFSRC
11:15 AMAdjourn

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