Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 12:55 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 205, Second Floor
150: Agriculture Experiment Station Challenges and Partnerships
Sponsor:A07 Agricultural Research Station Management
Presiding:C. J. Poehlmann, Univ of Missouri
12:55 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:00 PMProtecting Agricultural Research and Extension Facilities Against Terrorist Attacks. 
Pete Jacoby, Washington State University
1:15 PMKey Components for Preparing for a Natural Disaster.
J. Mike Phillips, 362 Hwy. 174N
1:30 PMDevelopment of a Master Plan for Modernization of Research Farms at the University of Illinois. 
Robert Dunker, Dept. of Crop Science-Univ IL
1:45 PMA New Design Framework for the University of Illinois Field Research Station. 
Sarah Lovell, University of Vermont
2:00 PMDiscussion
2:15 PMBreak
2:30 PMDeveloping an Organic Crop Research Program at the University of Wisconsin Arlington Agricultural Research Station. 
Dwight Mueller, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Janet Hedtcke, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Agronomy Dept., Joshua Posner, Agronomy Dept., Univ. of WI, John Hall, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, Bill Stangel, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Darwin Frye, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2:45 PMIssues of Obtaining and Maintaining "Organic Certification" at the Lane, OK Research Center. 
Merritt Taylor, Oklahoma State University, Warren Roberts, Oklahoma State University, Jonathan Edelson, Oklahoma State University, James Shrefler, Oklahoma State University, Charles Webber, USDA/ARS SCARL, Vincent Russo, USDA/ARS SCARL, Sam Pair, USDA/ARS SCARL, Benny Bruton, USDA/ARS SCARL, Angela Davis, USDA/ARS SCARL, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, USDA/ARS SCARL, Julie Collins, USDA/ARS SCARL, William Kazokas, Oklahoma State University, Wayne Fish, USDA/ARS SCARL
3:00 PMChallenges Facing Agriculture Experiment Station on Guam. 
Greg Wiecko, Univ. of Guam, CNAS, AES
3:15 PMRestoring Impacted Research Land for Succeeding Projects. 
S.T. Cockerham, University of California, W.G. Stapleton, University of California, D.O. Bowles, University of California, S.B. Ries, University of California, T.O. Ortega, University of California, S.S. Lee, University of California
3:30 PMConcluding Remarks
3:45 PMAdjourn

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