Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
211: Mapping, Classification, and Process-Level Studies of Wetland Soils
Sponsor:S10 Wetland Soils
An Explanation of the Hydric Soil Technical Standard and Normal Precipitation.
G. W. Hurt, Univ of Florida, M.J. Vepraskas, North Carolina State Univ
Effects of Varying Soil Properties on Reduction Rates of Saturated Soils.
Amanda Zelasko, NC State Univ, Dean Hesterberg, NC State Univ, Michael Vepraskas, NC State Univ
Soil Characteristics in the Hydrogeomorphic Wetland Classification and Functional Assessment of Mid-Atlantic Piedmont Slope Wetlands Study Reference Sites.
Brian Dierberger, Soil & Water Cons. District, Bruce Vasilas, Univ of Delaware, M.A. Wilson, USDA-NRCS
Mapping Wetland Vegetation Using ASTER Sensor in a CART Model.*
Eva Pantaleoni, Virginia Tech, John Galbraith, Virginia Tech, Randolph Wynne, Virginia Tech
Redoximorphic Feature Formation in Soils Subjected to Simulated Wetland Hydrology.
Rosalynd S. Orr, Univ of Maryland, Martin C. Rabenhorst, Univ of Maryland
Initial Carbon Distribution in Restored Tidal Marshes at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.*
Skye Wills, Univ of Maryland, Brian Needelman, Univ of Maryland, Martin Rabenhorst, Univ of Maryland, Ray Weil, Univ of Maryland
Effects of Organic Matter on New Redoximorphic Feature Formation Under Induced Hydric Soil Conditions.
Adam Gray, Univ of Maryland, Martin C. Rabenhorst, Univ of Maryland
Relating Soil Carbon and Hydrology to Sandy Hydric Soil Indicators.
Gerren Lanier, Norh Carolina State Univ, David Lindbo, Norh Carolina State Univ, Michael Vepraskas, Norh Carolina State Univ

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