Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 7:55 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 110, First Floor
208: Wetlands, Biochemistry, and Wastewater Treatment
Sponsor:S10 Wetland Soils
Presiding:John R. White, Louisiana State Univ, Wetland Biogeochemistry Inst
7:55 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:00 AMMicrobial Biomass and Enzyme Activity during Decomposition of Five Plant Species in a Chronosequence of Restored Wetlands in the Everglades National Park. 
Angelique M. Keppler, Univ of Florida, K. R. Reddy, Univ of Florida
8:15 AMPhosphorus Sequestration: Using Alum in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Wetland Mesocosms. 
Lynette Brown, Univ of Florida, John R. White, Wetland Biogeochemistry Inst, K. R. Reddy, Univ of Florida
8:30 AMReduction of Phamaceutical Compounds from Municipal Wastewater in a Constructed Wetland, Orlando, FL. 
John White, Louisiana State University - Agronomy & Environmental Management, Marco A. Belmont, Univ of Toronto, Chris D. Metcalfe, Trent Univ
8:45 AMNitrification and Denitrification in an Artificial Wetland Treating Domestic Sewage. 
Lesley A. Spokas, Dept of Plant Soil and Insect Sciences, Peter L.M. Veneman, Dept of Plant Soil and Insect Sciences, Stephen C. Simkins, Dept of Plant Soil and Insect Sciences
9:00 AMCBOD5 Removal of Coastal Dwelling Wastewater from a Intermediate Marsh Utilizing the Marshland Upwelling System. 
Lorna A. Putnam, Dept of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Kelly A. Rusch, Institute for Ecological Infrastructure Engineering, Robert P. Gambrell, Dept of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
9:15 AMGreenhouse Gas Emissions fom Agricultural Treatment Constructed Wetlands: Growing Season vs. Non-Growing Season.
V.M. Glass, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, R.J. Gordon, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, C. Wagner-Riddle, Univ of Guelph, Dept of Land Resource Sciece
9:30 AMAdjourn

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