Monday, November 13, 2006: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
40: Resident Education
Sponsor:A01 Resident Education
Student Perceptions of Locally Authored Textbook.
Duane Gardiner, Texas A & M-Kingsville
An Academic Enhancement Program to Increase College Student Retention.
John Kelly, University of Arkansas, Rebecca Newgent, Univ of Arkansas, Donna Graham, Univ of Arkansas
The Initial Round of Our New Program-level Learning Assessment in Plant and Soil Sciences.
Catherine A. Perillo, Washington State Univ, Teresa Cerny-Koenig, Washington State Univ, Kathleen M. Williams, Washington State Univ, Caroline H. Pearson-Mims, Washington State Univ, Gary Brown, Washington State Univ, William L. Pan, Washington State Univ
Collegiate Crops Contest - Noncompetitive Coaching Perspective.
Kenneth Smiciklas, Illinois State Univ
Using Certified Crop Adviser Exam Results for Curriculum Assessment.*
Lance Gibson, Iowa State Univ
Development and Assessment of Web-Based Applications and Principles Soil Science Lessons.*
Martha Mamo, Univ of Nebraska, Timothy Kettler, Univ of Nebraska, Jim Ippolito, Colorado State Univ, Ronald J. Reuter, Oregon State Univ-Cascades, Dennis McCallister, Univ of Nebraska, Patricia Hain, Univ of Nebraska, Christoph Geiss, Trinity College, C. William Zanner, University of Minnesota
An Updated Version of Cornell FORVAL for Estimating the Market Value of Forage Crops.*
Peng Li, Cornell Univ, Gary Fick, Cornell Univ
The URI SMILE Program - Connecting Environmental Scientists and Students with Underrepresented Groups.
Josef Gorres, Univ of Rhode Island, Darryl Keith, USEPA - Atlantic Ecology Division, Augusto Gomes, Broadrock Middle School
Growth Stages: An Enrollment Management Plan for Agronomy at K-State.
Dana Minihan, Kansas State Univ, M.D. Ransom, Kansas State Univ, G.M. Pierzynski, Kansas State Univ, D.B. Mengel, Kansas State Univ
Writing Exercises to Build Student Communication Skills.
Paula M. Gale, Univ of Tennessee at Martin, Eric C. Pelren, Univ of Tennessee at Martin
Promoting Mastery Orientation among Soil Science Students.
Lawrence Grabau, Univ of Kentucky, Jarrod Miller, Univ of Kentucky
The Versatility of Using BlackboardTM as an Instructional Tool.
Barbara Darroch, Dept. of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Craig S. Darroch, Dept. of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Paula M. Gale, Dept. of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Richard E. Joost, Dept. of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Tim N. Burcham, Dept. of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Joseph E. Mehlhorn, Dept. of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Promoting Improved Undergraduate Student Writing Skills Through Web-Based Student Extension Publications on Soil Nutrient Management.
P.P. Motavalli, Dept. of Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences, Univ.of Missouri, M.D. Patton, Campus Writing Program, Univ. of Missouri, R.J. Miles, Univ of Missouri
Creating an Effective Online "Classroom".
Indi Braden, Southeast Missouri State Univ
Introductory Soil Science Exercises Using USDA Web Soil Survey.
Christopher J. Post, Clemson Univ, Elena Mikhailova, Clemson Univ., Christopher McWhorter, Clemson Univ
Agroecology Program at Florida International University.
Krish Jayachandran, Florida International Univ, Mahadev Bhat, Florida International Univ, Giddy Bobeche, Florida International Univ, Cristina Cuadrao, Florida International Univ, Assefa Malesse, Florida International Univ

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