Monday, November 13, 2006: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
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106: Tillage and Soil Management: Effects on Yield and Soil Properties
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Crop Residue Removal Effects on Production Costs and Soil Quality.*
Douglas Karlen, USDA-ARS, National Soil Tilth Lab, Stuart J. Birrell, Dept Ag & Bio-Systems Engineering, Corey W. Radtke, Idaho National Laboratory, W.W. Wilhelm, USDA-ARS
Comparison of Soil Physical Properties under Organic and Conventional Management Systems.
Jeffrey S. Strock, Univ of Minnesota, Stacey Burns, Univ of Minnesota, Deborah Allan, University of Minnesota, Jennifer King, Univ of Minnesota, Jay Bell, Univ of Minnesota
Sustaining Prime Agricultural Lands: A Discussion of Soil Impacts From Nurseries and Turf Operations.*
Lisa Krall, USDA-NRCS, Deborah Surabian, USDA-NRCS, Harvey Luce, Univ of Connecticut, Shawn McVey, USDA-NRCS, James A. Doolittle, USDA-NRCS, Donald Parizek, USDA - NRCS
Soil P Fractions in Farmed and Unfarmed Organic Soils.*
Miguel Castillo, Zamorano Univ, Xing Wang, Everglades Research & Education Center, Alan Wright, Everglades Research & Education Center
Land Use and Management History Effects on Soil Quality and Crop Performance in New Zealand.
Michael Beare, Institute of Crop & Food Research, Craig Tregurtha, Institute of Crop & Food Research, Erin Lawrence, Institute of Crop & Food Research
Effects of Redox on Aggregate Stability of Upland Soils.
Alfredo B. De-Campos, Purdue Univ, Chi-Hua Huang, USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Lab, Amrakh I. Mamedov, USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Lab
Remediation of Salt Affected Cotton Soils Using Gypsum on the Southern High Plains.
Quint Chemnitz, Texas Tech Univ, Wayne Hudnall, Plant & Soil Science, Richard Zartman, Texas Tech Univ-Plant & Soil Sciences Dept
Seed and Seedling Salinity Tolerance of South Texas Native Plants.*
LeeRoy Rock, Texas A&M Univ, Kingsville, Shad Nelson, Texas A&M Univ, Kingsville, John L. Reilley, USDA-NRCS Plant Materials Center
Sweet Corn, Southern Pea, and Watermelon Yields following Winter Annual Grazing across Tillage Systems.*
Kipling S. Balkcom, USDA-ARS, D. Wayne Reeves, USDA-ARS, Joe M. Kemble, Auburn Univ, Robert A. Dawkins, Auburn Univ
Weed Seed Bank Composition under Conservation Tillage on a Fine Sandy Loam.
Jerry A. Ivany, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Martin R. Carter, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
No-Till versus Conventional-Till: Major Soil Hydrologic Components.
Dinku Endale, USDA-ARS, Harry Schomberg, USDA-ARS, Michael Jenkins, USDA-ARS
Water Balance for Cotton Grown with Reduced Tillage on Coastal Plain Loamy Sand.
Warren Busscher, USDA-ARS, Coastal Plains Research, Philip Bauer, USDA-ARS, Coastal Plains Research, E. J. Sadler, USDA-ARS CS&WQRU, Dean Evans, USDA-ARS, Coastal Plains Research
Tillage Effects on Certain Soil Properties and Cotton Yields.
John Matocha, Texas A&M Agricultural Experiment Station
Investigating the Correlation of Soil Properties Measured with Precision Agriculture Instruments in the Intermountain West.
Jay M. Payne, Utah State Univ, V. Philip Rasmussen, Western Regional SARE Program, Utah State Univ, Don Sleight, AgriNorthwest
Yield Loss Caused by Soil Compaction on a Loam Soil in Eastern Colorado.
Joseph Benjamin, Central Great Plains Research Station
Deep Tillage Effects on Crop Productivity and Soil Properties 30 Years After Treatment.
R. Louis Baumhardt, USDA-ARS Conservation and Production Res. Lab., Ordie R. Jones, Texas Cooperative Extension, Robert C. Schwartz, USDA-ARS Conservation and Production Res. Lab.
Corn Response to Compost and Manure Amendments Combined with No-Tillage or Plow Till.
Jeanne Durkalski, Ohio State Univ, Ping Wang, Ohio State Univ, Harry Hoitink, Ohio State Univ, Warren Dick, Ohio State Univ
On-Farm Evaluation of Strip Tillage for Corn in Eastern Kansas.
K. A. Janssen, Kansas State Univ, G. L. Kilgore, Kansas State Univ
Twin Row Conservation Tillage Corn Production.*
Jason Satterwhite, Auburn Univ, Kipling Balkcom, USDA-ARS, Andrew J. Price, USDA-ARS, Francisco Arriaga, USDA-ARS, Edzard Van Santen, Auburn Univ, Agronomy Dept
Remote Sensing Soil Tillage Intensity.
C. S. T. Daughtry, USDA-ARS-Hydrology & Remote Sensing Lab, P. C. Doraiswamy, USDA-ARS-Hydrology & Remote Sensing Lab, J. H. Prueger, USDA-ARS-National Soil Tilth Lab, T. J. Vyn, Purdue Univ, C. J. Bernacchi, Illinois State Water Survey
Environmental Influences on Conservation Tillage Adoption in the Central US.*
Amy Swan, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Stephen Ogle, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Robin M. Reich, Dept of Forest, Rangeland and Watershed Stewardship, Colorado State Univ, Keith H. Paustian, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State Univ

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