Monday, November 13, 2006: 9:10 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 106, First Floor
102: Soil Management Effects on Soil C and GHG Emissions
Sponsor:S06 Soil & Water Management & Conservation
Presiding:Alan Franzluebbers, USDA-ARS-NPA-SPNRU
9:10 AMIntroductory Remarks
9:15 AM13C Fractionation During Soil Organic C Mineralization Impacts on Calculated Half-Lives.
David Clay, South Dakota State University, C. Clapp, USDA-ARS, Upper Buford Circle, 439 Borlaug Hall, C.G. Carlson, South Dakota State Univ, Plant Science Dept
9:30 AMTrace Gas Emissions from Corn-Soybean Rotations on a Mollisol.
D.E. Stott, USDA-ARS, D.R. Smith, USDA-ARS, D.L. Bucholtz, USDA-ARS
9:45 AMCan Dense Topographical Information and Long-Term Yield Monitor Data Substantially Improve Total Soil C Mapping?. 
Alexandra N. Kravchenko, MSU, Crop & Soil Sciences Dept, G. Philip Robertson, MSU, Crop & Soil Sciences Dept
10:00 AMDiscussion
10:10 AMBreak
10:25 AM(Paper Withdrawn) Long-Term Tillage Effects on Soil Texture, Structure and Organic Matter.
10:40 AMMinimum C Inputs and Sustainability of Biomass Harvest.
Jane Johnson, USDA-ARS-NPA-SPNRU, Raymond Allmaras, 1944 Rosedale Dr, Donald Reicosky, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
10:55 AMEvaluating Conservation Tillage Practices on Severely Eroded Soils of the Pacific Island of Guam.
Mohammad Golabi, College of Applied & Natural Sciences
11:10 AMSoil Structural Recovery in Relation to Carbon and Nitrogen Content in a Chronosequence of Reclaimed Sites. 
Abbey Wick, Univ of Wyoming, Peter D. Stahl, Univ of Wyoming, Lachlan J. Ingram, Univ of Wyoming, Gerald Schuman, USDA-ARS High Plains Grasslands, George F. Vance, Univ of Wyoming
11:25 AMDiscussion
11:35 AMAdjourn

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