Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
188: Symposium--Molecular Characterization of Soil Organic Matter: Implications For Soil Function: I
Sponsor:S03 Soil Biology & Biochemistry
Soil organic carbon composition in boreal forests and peatlands.
Sylvie Quideau, 3-40C Dept. of Renewable Resources, S.-W. Oh, Mokpo National University, D. Paré, Service canadien des forêts
Lignin degradation in soil followed by stable carbon isotope analysis.
Haithem Bahri, BioEMCo, cornelia Rumpel, BioEMCo, marie-france Dignac, BioEMCo, daniel rasse, BioEMCo, andré Mariotti, BioEMCo
Degradation vs retention of pesticide (2,4-D) in soil: investigating the microbial communities involved using a 13C labelling technique.
Thomas Lerch, UMR Bioemco, Marie-France Dignac, UMR Bioemco, Enrique Barriuso, UMR Environnement et grandes cultures, Gerard Bardoux, UMR Bioemco, André Mariotti, UMR Bioemco
Production of Two Biomass Burning Tracers During A Prescribed Fire : Black Carbon vs Levoglucosan.
Marie A. Alexis, BIOEMCO, Cornelia Rumpel, BIOEMCO, Patrick Louchouarn, Texas A&M University, Nicolas Péchot, BIOEMCO, Daniel Rasse, BIOEMCO, André Mariotti, BIOEMCO
Evolution of Lipids during the Podzolisation of Laterites in the Upper Amazon Basin.*
Marion Bardy, BIOEMCO, UMR CNRS 7618, ENSCP, Sylvie Derenne, BIOEMCO, UMR CNRS 7618, ENSCP, Emmanuel Fritsch, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, UR058
Turnover of biomarkers in a cropland soil: the cutin and the suberin.
Mercedes Mendez-Millan, BioEMCo, Marie-France Dignac, BioEMCo, Cornelia Rumpel, BioEMCo, Sylvie Derenne, BioEMCo

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