Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 8:10 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Sagamore 1, Second Floor
277: Flow and Transport Processes: II
Sponsor:S01 Soil Physics
Presiding:Yan Jin, Univ of Delaware, Dept. of Plant & Soil Sciences
8:10 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:15 AMEvaluating the Fractional Convective-Dispersive Equation as a Solute Transport Model with Data from Miscible Displacement Experiments.
Fernando San Jose Martinez, Department of Applied Mathematics in Agronomy Engineering, Y.A. Pachepsky, USDA-ARS-BA-ANRI-EMSL, Walter Rawls, USDA-ARS-BA-ANRI-HRSL
8:30 AMAnalyzing the Spatio-temporal Distribution of Solute Leaching in the Field by Constructing Leaching Surfaces from Measurements with a Variable-Suction Multi-compartment Sampler. 
Esther Bloem, Wageningen University, Franck A. N. Hogervorst, Wageningen University, Ger H. de Rooij, Wageningen University
8:45 AMImproved Interpretation of Multi-Tracer Experiments in Subsurface Media: Multi-Objective Parameter and State Estimation. 
Jasper Vrugt, LANL / Earth and Environmental Scie
9:00 AMUnsaturated Flux Variability Measurements at Droplet/minute/ 3x3cm(10x10grid) Resolution in Summer Rainstorm Conditions. 
Franck A. N. Hogervorst, Wageningen University, Esther Bloem, Wageningen University, Ger H. Rooij de, Wageningen University
9:15 AMTransport and Straining of E. coli O157:H7 in Saturated Porous Media.
Scott Bradford, USDA-ARS, Jirka Simunek, Environmental Science, Sharon L. Walker, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
9:30 AMInterfacial Retention of Colloids in a Glass Capillary Channel. 
Volha Lazouskaya, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Delaware, Yan Jin, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Delaware
9:45 AMBreak
10:00 AMTransport of Bacterial Endospores in Silica Sand. 
Sibylle Tesar, Univ of Idaho, Dept/Bio & Ag Eng, Barbara Williams, Univ of Idaho/Dept/Bio & Ag Eng, Robin Nimmer, Univ of Idaho, Dept/Bio & Ag Eng, Kristina Beaulieu, Univ of Idaho/Dept/Bio & Ag Eng, Angelina Cernick, Univ of Idaho/Dept/Bio & Ag Eng
10:15 AMCoupled Water and Heat Transport in an Andisol Grass Field during Freezing Periods. 
Ieyasu Tokumoto, Iwate University, Kosuke Noborio, Meiji University, School Of Agriculure, Kiyoshi Koga, Iwate University
10:30 AMFlume Experiment on Change in Soil Permeability Affected by Seepage Forces. 
Ken'ichirou Kosugi, JAPAN,Kyoto Univ., Motohide Ito, Dept. of Forest Science, Takahisa Mizuyama, Dept. of Forest Science
10:45 AMField-scale Reactive Transport in Hydraulically and Lithologically Nonuniform Media.
Anderson Ward, Pacific NW Nat'l Laboratory, Steve Yabusaki, Pacific NW Nat'l Laboratory
11:00 AMStream Water Quality Modeling Using AQUATOX: Hester Creek and Flint Brown River of Northern Alabama.
Teferi Tsegaye, Alabama A&M University, Mezemir Wagaw, Alabama A&M University
11:15 AMDiscussion
11:30 AMAdjourn

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