Monday, November 13, 2006: 1:25 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 208-209, Second Floor
57: Cultivar Development: II
Sponsor:C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics
Presiding:Jianming Yu, K-State Research and Extension
1:25 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:30 PMGenetic Enhancement of Sorghum for Biomass Conversion. 
Ana Saballos Espinal, Purdue Univ, Wilfred Vermerris, Univ of Florida, Gebisa Ejeta, Purdue Univ, Agronomy Dept
1:45 PMInterspecific Sorghum Breeding Using S. macrospermum
L.C. Kuhlman, Texas A&M Univ, B.L. Burson, USDA-ARS, P.E. Klein, Texas A&M Univ, D.M. Stelly, Texas A&M Univ, W.L. Rooney, Texas A&M Univ
2:00 PMGenetic Analysis of Early Season Cold Tolerance in Sorghum. 
Zenbaba W. Gutema, Purdue Univ, Joseph Knoll, Purdue Univ, Dept of Agronomy, Judy Santini, Purdue Univ, Gebisa Ejeta, Purdue Univ. Dept. of Agronomy
2:15 PMHow Much has Recurrent Selection Increased Sucrose Yield in Sugarcane?. 
Sarah Lingle, USDA-ARS, Thomas Tew, USDA-ARS, Ryan Viator, USDA-ARS, Richard Johnson, USDA-ARS
2:30 PMBreak
2:45 PMCharacterization of Early Maturing Maize Populations Based on Grain Quality Traits.
Juan Osorno, North Dakota State Univ., Marcelo Carena, North Dakota State Univ.
3:00 PMStability Analyses of Yield of Maize Hybrids Evaluated in Multi-Environment Trials in Yunan, China. 
Xing-Ming Fan, China Agriculture Univ, Manjit S. Kang, Lousiana State Univ, AgCenter-Dept. of Agron & Envir. Mgmt., Hongmei Chen, Maize Reseach Center, Agricultural Academy of Yunan, Yudong Zhang, John Deere, Agri-Service, Jing Tan, China Agriculture Univ, Chuxia Xu, Maize Research Center, Agricultural Academy of Yunan
3:15 PMGGL Biplot Study of the Association Among Locations for Loaf Volume in Hard Red Spring Wheat Grown in North Dakota.
Juan Carlos Caffarel, North Dakota State Univ, Mohamed Mergoum, North Dakota State Univ
3:30 PMEffects of Imazamox Application Timing and Rate on Imazamox-Resistant Winter Wheat in the Pacific Northwest.
Arron Carter, Univ of Idaho, Jennifer Hansen, Univ of Idaho, Thomas Koehler, Univ of Idaho, Robert Zemetra, Univ of Idaho
3:45 PMAdjourn

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