Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 7:55 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 103, First Floor
191: New Technologies for Soil Fertility Management
Sponsor:S04 Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition
Presiding:Francisco Arriaga, "USDA-ARS, NSDL"
7:55 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:00 AMSpectral Reflectance Based Nitrogen Management for Subsurface Drip Irrigated Cotton. 
Rajkumari Yabaji, Texas Tech Univ, Kevin Bronson, Texas A&M University - Rangeland Ecology & Management, Cary Green, Texas Tech Univ, Plant & Soil Science Dept, Eduardo Segarra, Texas Tech Univ, Adinarayana R. Malapti, Texas A & M Ag Experiment Station
8:15 AMRemote Sensing Imagery as a Tool to Map High pH and Calcareous Soils on a Field Scale. 
Natalia Rogovska, Iowa State Univ, Alfred M. Blackmer, Iowa State Univ, Antonio P. Mallarino, Iowa State Univ
8:30 AMBiophysical Basis for the Use of Aerial Color Infrared Photography in Determining Nitrogen Requirements in Corn. 
Ravi Sripada, North Carolina State Univ Crop Scie, Ronnie Heiniger, North Carolina State Univ, Jeffrey White, North Carolina State University, Randy Weisz, North Carolina State Univ, Carl Crozier, North Carolina State University, Alan Meijer, Vernon James Center
8:45 AMUsing On-Farm Strip-Trials Across Many Sites and Years to Improve Nitrogen Management for Corn. 
Gaylia Ostermeier, Iowa State Univ, Alfred M. Blackmer, Iowa State Univ, Antonio P. Mallarino, Iowa State Univ, Tracy M. Blackmer, Iowa Soybean Association, Bradley Van De Woestyne, John Deere
9:00 AMCrop Reflectance as an Indicator of Cotton Growth and Leaf Nitrogen Status. 
Jac Varco, Mississippi State Univ, Robert Earnest, Mississippi State University
9:15 AMBreak
9:30 AMAdjusting Mid-Season Nitrogen Using a Sensor-Based Optimization Algorithm to Increase Use Efficiency in Corn (Zea mays L.). 
Brenda S. Tubana, Oklahoma State University, Roger Teal, Oklahoma State University, Brian Arnall, Oklahoma State University, Kyle Freeman, Oklahoma State University, Byungkyun Chung, Oklahoma State University, Olga Walsh, Oklahoma State University, Kyle Lawles, Oklahoma State University, Clint Mack, Oklahoma State University, William Raun, Oklahoma State University
9:45 AMRamp Calibration Strip Technology for Determining Mid-Season N Rates in Wheat and Corn. 
William Raun, Oklahoma State Univ, Clint Mack, Oklahoma State Univ, John Solie, Oklahoma State Univ, J. S. Schepers, USDA-ARS
10:00 AMTranslating Ramped Calibration Strip Data into Fertilizer N Recommendations. 
James Schepers, 113 Keim Hall, Bill Raun, Oklahoma State Univ, John J. Meisinger, Bldg 163F Room 6, John Solie, Oklahoma State Univ, John Shanahan, USDA-ARS
10:15 AMVariable-rate N fertilization of wheat and corn in Virginia.
S.B. Phillips, Virginia Tech, W.E. Thomason, Virginia Tech, P.H. Davis, Virginia Tech, H.S. Khurana, Virginia Tech
10:30 AMPerformance of Site-Specific Nutrient Management for Improving Productivity of Wheat under Rice-Wheat Cropping System in Punjab, India. 
H.S. Khurana, Virginia Tech, A.S. Sidhu, Punjab Agricultural Univ, Yadvinder Singh, Punjab Agricultural Univ, Bijay Singh, Punjab Agricultural Univ, Steve Phillips, Virginia Tech
10:45 AMAdjourn

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