Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 12:55 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 102, First Floor
148: Advances in International Agriculture/Div. A-6 Business Meeting
Sponsor:A06 International Agronomy
Presiding:J. Mark Powell, USDA-ARS, Dairy For. Res. Ctr.
12:55 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:00 PMAdoption of More Sustainable Cassava Production Practices on Sloping Land in Asia. 
Reinhardt Howeler, CIAT Regional Office Dept. Ag
1:30 PMEvaluation of Representative Soils in Relation to C-Dynamics on a Climo-Toposequence in Arid / Semiarid Ecoregions of Jordan. 
Ramez Mahjoory, Michigan State Univ., Awni Taimeh, Univ. of Jordan, Khresat Sa'Eb, Jordan Univ. of Science and Technology
1:45 PMIncreasing Rice Productivity through Crop Canopy Management. 
Roland J. Buresh, IRRI, Bui Huy Hien, National Inst Soils and Fertilizers, Nguyen Cong Vinh, National Inst Soils and Fertilizers, Pham Sy Tan, Cuu Long Delta Rice Res Inst, Marianne Samson, IRRI, Shaobing Peng, IRRI
2:00 PMFactors Impacting Pasture Growth Rate in Subterranean Clover-based Pastures in Southwestern Australia. 
Timothy Scanlon, The Univ of Western Australia, Plant Biology, Len Wade, The Univ of Western Australia, Plant Biology, Megan Ryan, The Univ of Western Australia, Plant Biology
2:15 PMSpectral Monitoring and Yield Prediction of Cotton (Gossypium spps.).
Mohammad S. Ansari, The Univ of Melbourne, Raj Kumar Mahey, Punjab Agricultural Univ, Sukhjinder Singh Sidhu, Punjab Agricultural University
2:30 PMBreak
2:45 PMEmerging Challenges to Wheat Production in South Asia. 
G. Ortiz Ferrara, CIMMYT, Arun Joshi, Banaras Hindu University, M.R. Bhatta, National Wheat Research Program, R. Chatrath, Directorate of Wheat Research, Ram Sharma, NEPAL,Tribhuvan Univ.
3:00 PMCarotenoid-Biofortified Maize Maintains Adequate Vitamin A Status in Mongolian Gerbils. 
Julie A. Howe, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, Sherry A. Tanumihardjo, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
3:15 PMCrop Productivity and Nutrient Cycling in Coppiced Indigenous Shrub Intercrop Systems of the Sahel. 
Ekwe Dossa, Oregon State Univ, Ibrahima Diedhiou, ISRA, Mamadou Khouma, ISRA, Modou Sene, ISRA, Aminata Badiane, ISRA, Richard Dick, Ohio State Univ
3:30 PMEarly Sowing and Irrigation on Barley Yield in a Cool Mediterranean Area.
Sui Kwong Yau, American Univ. of Beirut - FAFS
3:45 PMBusiness Meeting
5:15 PMAdjourn

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