Thursday, November 16, 2006: 7:55 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Sagamore 2, Second Floor
323: Forest Management and Disturbance Effects on Soils
Sponsor:S07 Forest, Range & Wildland Soils
Presiding:Meagan Hynes, Univ of California-Davis
7:55 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:00 AMScience Support for a North American Consensus on a Common Approach to Evaluate Soil Disturbance. 
Mike Curran, British Columbia Forest Service, Daniel Neary, USDA Forest Service, Ronald Heninger, Weyerhaeuser Co, Thomas Terry, Weyerhaeuser Co, Kenneth Cornelius Van Rees, University of Saskatchewan, Steve Howes, USDA Forest Service, Carl Trettin, USDA Forest Service South Research Station, Deborah Page-Dumroese, USDA-FS (Forest Service), Barry White, Alberta Forest Management Branch, Douglas Maynard, Pacific Forestry Centre
8:15 AMEffects of Wild Boars on Ecosystem Processes in Deciduous Forests. 
Anita Risch, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, Martin Schütz, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, Beat Frey, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, Deborah Page-Dumroese, Rocky Mountain Research Statio, Matt Busse, USDA Forest Service, Martin Jurgensen, Michigan Tech Univ
8:30 AMSoil C Cycling Following Timber Harvest in Response to Logging Debris and Herbicide Application. 
Robert Slesak, Dept of Forest Engineering, Oregon State Univ, Stephen Schoenholtz, College of Natural Resources, Virginia Tech, Tim Harrington, USDA Forest Service
8:45 AMChanges in Soil Chemistry Resulting from Whole-Tree Harvesting, Acidification, and Ameliorative Liming.
Mary Beth Adams, USDA-FS (Forest Service), J.A. Burger, Virginia Tech
9:00 AMBreak
9:15 AMEffect of Soil Tillage on Soil Physical Properties and Their Relationship to Early Loblolly Pine Growth.
Bruno Furtado, Univ of Georgia, Lawrence Morris, Warnell School of Forest Resources
9:30 AMRunoff Prediction in Harvested Pine Stands in Central and Lower Alabama.
Emily Carter, USDA, Forest Service, J.P. Fulton, Auburn Univ, Christian Brodbeck, Auburn Univ, Brian Burton, Auburn Univ
9:45 AMDiscussion

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