Thursday, November 16, 2006: 10:10 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Sagamore 2, Second Floor
324: Soil Nutrient Availability and Additions
Sponsor:S07 Forest, Range & Wildland Soils
Presiding:Brian D. Strahm, Univ of Washington
10:10 AMIntroductory Remarks
10:15 AMInfluence of Soil Heterogeneity on Nutrient Availability. 
Eric Sucre, Virginia Polytechnic and State Univ, Thomas Fox, Virginia Tech, Forestry Dept, John Tuttle, Natural Resources Conservation Service
10:30 AMForest Nutrient Cycling after Biosolids Application in the Virginia Piedmont. 
Eduardo Arellano, Virginia Polythecnic Institure and State Univ, Thomas Fox, Virginia Polythecnic Institure and State Univ
10:45 AMBioavailability of Slowly Cycling Soil Phosphorus: Major Restructuring of Soil-P Fractions over Four Decades in an Aggrading Forest. 
Daniel deB. Richter Jr., Duke Univ, H. Lee Allen, North Carolina State Univ, Jianwei Li, Duke Univ, Daniel Markewitz, Univ of Georgia, Jane Raikes, Duke Univ
11:00 AMLong-Term Effects of P Fertilization and Silvicultural Treatments on P Pools and Labile P in Loblolly Pine Plantation Soils. 
Bradley Miller, Virginia Polytech, Tom Fox, Virginia Polytech
11:15 AMDistribution of Soil Phosphorus Fractions in Acid Soils of Forested Watersheds. 
Michael San Clements, Univ of Maine, Ivan Fernandez, Univ of Maine, Stephen A. Norton, Univ of Maine, Aria Amirbahman, Univ of Maine, Lindsey Rustad, USDA Forest Service
11:30 AMSustained Increases in Soil P Availability after Fertilization in a Tropical Hapludand Forest Soil.
Dean Meason, Univ of Hawaii, Travis Idol, Univ of Hawaii, JB Friday, Univ of Hawaii, Paul Scowcroft, USDA Forest Service
11:45 AMDiscussion
12:00 PMAdjourn

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