Thursday, November 16, 2006: 7:55 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 103, First Floor
320: Soil Biology and the Rhizosphere
Sponsor:S03 Soil Biology & Biochemistry
Presiding:Daniel Mummey, The Univ of Montana
7:55 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:00 AM(Paper Withdrawn) Belowground Effects of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Carbon Additions to Sugar Maple and White Oak in a Temperate Deciduous Forest.
8:15 AMIdentification of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Field Soils.
Zahra I. Troeh, Iowa State University, Thomas E. Loynachan, Iowa State University
8:30 AMEffects of Elevated CO2 and Ozone on Extramatrical Mycelia Allocation of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Aspen. 
R. Miller, Argonne National Laboratory, David Loehlen, Environ. Res. Div. D203-E161, Zhanna Yermakov, Environ. Res. Div. D203-E161, Victoria Allison, Landcare Research, Susan Kirt, Environ. Res. Div. D203-E161, Roser Matamala, Environ. Res. Div. D203-E161, Adam Langley, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
8:45 AMArbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Response to Flooding in Snap Bean Cultivation in South Florida. 
Seema Sah, Florida International University, Stewart Reed, USDA / Agricultural Research Service, Krishnaswamy Jayachandran, Florida International University, Anne Hartley, Dep. of Environ. Studies
9:00 AMBreak
9:15 AMInteractions Between Ring Nematodes (Mesocriconema xenoplax) and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) in Grape Roots: Competition for Photosynthate.
R. Paul Schreiner, USDA-ARS, John Pinkerton, USDA-ARS-HCRL
9:30 AMThe Effects of Long-Term Tillage and Rotational Treatments on the Presence of Fusarium solani f. sp. glycines Roy in the Rhizosphere of Soybean.
C. E. Ackerman, Purdue University, Dept. Agronomy, T. S. Abney, USDA-ARS and Dept. Botany & Plant Pathology, Purdue University, F. M. Wanjau, American Samoa Community College, Sylvie Brouder, Purdue University, Dept. Agronomy, C. H. Nakatsu, Purdue University, Dept. Agronomy
9:45 AMSpatial and Temporal Distribution Of Soil Microbial Communities Composition And Activity In Rhizospheres Of Indigenous Shrubs Of Sahelian Agroecosystems. 
Sire Diedhiou, Oregon State University, Komi Assigbetsse, IRD, Aminata Badiane, ISRA, Mamadou Khouma, ISRA, Modou Sene, ISRA, Ibrahima Diedhiou, ISRA, Richard Dick, Ohio State University
10:00 AMAdjourn

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