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287: Manure Management, P fertility, and Soil Amendments
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Soil Physical Characterization of Soil under Long-Term Tillage and Manure Application.
Dexter Watts, USDA-ARS, Nat'l. Soil Dynamics Lab., H. Allen Torbert, USDA-ARS, Francisco Arriaga, USDA-ARS
Cropping System and Broiler litter Application impacts on soil Nutrient dynamics and Soil quality.*
Ardeshir Adeli, USDA-ARS Waste Mngmnt & Forage, Karamat Sistani, USDA-ARS, Haile Tewolde, USDA-ARS-NPA-SPNRU, Dennis Rowe, USDA-ARS
Tifton 85 Bermudagrass Response to Soil Acidity and Poultry Litter.*
Allen T. Leonard, Texas Agricultural and Experiment Station, Vincent Haby, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Gerald Evers, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Sam Feagley, Soil & Crop Sciences Dept. - Texas A&M Univ.
Effects of Manure Application on Wheat Yield and Soil Properties in Degraded Prime Farmland.
Philip Schroeder, Cameron University, Mathew Johnson, Cameron University, Leon Fischer, Cameron University
Evaluation of P Application Methods for Lettuce Production on Organic Soils.
Alan Wright, Everglades Research & Education Center, Victor Guzman, Everglades Research & Education Center, Xing Wang, Everglades Research & Education Center
Effect of Choosing a Target Soil Phosphorus Level for Corn.
Charles Shapiro, Haskell Agricultural Laboratory, Richard Ferguson, University of Nebraska
Correlation Between Mehlich-3 Phosphorus and Wheat Response to Phosphorus Fertilization in Arkansas.*
Russell Delong, University of Arkansas, Nathan A. Slaton, University of Arkansas, Morteza Mozaffari, "Univ. of AR, Soil Test Laboratory"
Phosphate Deficiencies in Cowpea.*
Sabiou Mahamane, Texas A&M University, William A. Payne, Texas A&M University, Richard H. Loeppert, Texas A&M University, Creighton J. Miller, Texas A&M University, David W. Reed, Texas A&M University
Starter Fertilizer Response of Corn on Soils with High Soil Test P.
S.C. Tingle, University of Delaware, G.D. Binford, University of Delaware, D.J. Hansen, University of Delaware
Effect of Soil Applied Phosphate and Plant Growth on Soil Cation Exchange Capacity.
Morteza Javadi, Columbus State Community College, Biological and Physical Sciences Department, Hamidreza Honari, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Environmental Health Engineering Department, Zohreh Javadi, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Environmental Health Engineering Department
Phosphorus Availability from a Granular Animal Waste By-product Fertilizer.*
Carl Crozier, North Carolina State Univ, Greg Hoyt, Mtn. Hort. Crops Res. & Ext. Center, John Havlin, North Carolina State Univ, Dept. of Soil Science
Assessment of Nitrogen Supply from Poultry Manure Applied to Corn.
D. A. Ruiz Diaz, Iowa State University, J.E. Sawyer, Iowa State University, D.W. Barker, Iowa State University, A.P. Mallarino, Iowa State University
Improving the Yields of Late-planted Winter Wheat with Seeding Rate and Phosphorus Fertility.
Eric Harwood, Washington State University, Richard Koenig, Washington State University, Aaron Esser, Washington State University
Phosphorus Availability in Annual and Perennial Cereal Legume Systems.
Courtney M. Gallaher, Michigan State University, Sieglinde Snapp, Michigan State Univ.
Developing a Phosphorus Calibration Curve for Bahiagrass Pasture Fertilization.
Martin Adjei, University of Florida, Johannes Scholberg, 304 Newell Hall, John Rechcigl, Univ. of FL-Gulf Coast Res.
Gypsum as a Soil Amendment for Economic Crop Production.
W.B Clevenger, The Ohio State University Extension, Khandakar Islam, OSU South Centers
Crop Nutrient Availability from Sugar Factory Spent Lime: First Two Years after Field Application.*
Albert Sims, University of Minnesota, Carol E. Windels, Univ. of MN- ARC Bldg., Carl A. Bradley, North Dakota State University
Characterization of Pyrolysis Char for Use as an Agricultural Soil Amendment.*
Keith Harris, Dept. of Biol. & Ag. Eng., Univeristy of Georgia, Julia Gaskin, Dept. of Biol. & Ag. Eng., Univeristy of Georgia, Leticia Sonon, University of Georgia, K.C. Das, Dept. of Biol. & Ag. Eng., Univeristy of Georgia
Interaction of Nitrogen and Flue Gas Desulfurization Sulfur for Production of Corn.*
Liming Chen, The Ohio State University, David Kost, The Ohio State University, Warren Dick, The Ohio State University
Black Liquors from Bluegrass Straw Pulping: Effects on Corn Growth and Soil Properties.*
Canming Xiao, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Washington State University, William McKean, University of Washington, William L. Pan, Dept. of Crop & Soil Sciences
Turkey Manure Incinerator Ash as a Source of P and K for Corn (Zea mays), Soybean (Glycine max), and Alfalfa Medicago sativa.*
Paulo H. Pagliari, University of Minnesota, Jeffrey S. Strock, University of Minnesota, Carl J. Rosen, University of Minnesota
Effects of Nitrification Inhibitor, Carboxymethyl Pyrazole, Treated Poultry Litter on Growth and Yield of Cotton and Nitrate Leaching.
Reddy S. Sajjala, Alabama A&M University, Reddy C. Kamireddy, Alabama A&M University, Ravu Malik, Albany State University
Effects of Cover Crops and Organic Mulch on Soil Fertility and Tomato Yields in a Subtropical Region.
Qingren Wang, Tropical Research and Education Center, University of Florida, Yuncong Li, Tropical Research and Education Center, University of Florida, Waldemar Klassen, Tropical Research and Education Center, University of Florida
The Need to Monitor Soil Phosphorus and Soil Nitrate Values on Organic Vegetable Fields.
Thomas Morris, University of Connecticut, Jianli Ping, University of Connecticut, Robert Durgy, University of Connecticut, George Hamilton, University of New Hampshire, Eric Sideman, MOFGA, Karen Anderson, NOFA-NJ, Stefan Seiter, Lin-Benton Community College
Seasonal Dynamics of Soil Micronutrients in Compost-amended Turfgrass Soils.
Alan Wright, Everglades Research & Education Center, Tony Provin, Texas A&M University, Frank Hons, Texas A&M University, David Zuberer, Texas A&M University, Richard White, Texas A&M University
Uptake Efficiency of Broiler Litter-Derived Macronutrients by Cotton.
Haile Tewolde, USDA-ARS-NPA-SPNRU, Karamat Sistani, USDA-ARS, Dennis Rowe, USDA-ARS, Ardeshir Adeli, USDA-ARS Waste Mngmnt & Forage
Fertilizer Value of Phosphorus Extracted From Liquid Swine Wastewater.
Philip Bauer, USDA-ARS, Ariel Szogi, USDA/ARS Coastal Plains Res Cn, Matias Vanotti, USDA/ARS Coastal Plains Res Cn
Effect of Various Soil Amendments on Calcium and Magnesium Availability.
Marcia LaCorbiniere-Jn-Baptiste, Michigan State University, Darryl Warncke, Michigan State University

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