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70: Genetics, Chemical Management, and Turf Selection/Includes Graduate Student Poster Competition: I
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Genetic Diversity of Blue Grama Grass as Revealed by Simple Sequence Repeats.
Jonathan Kahler, South Dakota State University, Leo Schleicher, South Dakota State University
(Paper Withdrawn) Southern Chinch Bug overcomes St. Augustinegrass Resistance in Texas.
The Heritability of Morphological Characteristics in Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.).
Robert Shortell, Rutgers University, Stacy A. Bonos, Rutgers University
Collection and Evaluation of Carpetgrass Axonopus affinis Germplasm.
Nicholas Greene, University of Florida, Kevin Kenworthy, University of Florida
Field Validation of AMMI Models in National Turfgrass Evaluation Trials.
Jeffrey Ebdon, Univ. of Massachusetts, Hugh G. Gauch, Cornell University
A Genetic Linkage Map Between Annual and Perennial Poa annua L.
Jonathan La Mantia, The Pennsylvania State University, Scott Warnke, USDA ARS, David Huff, Penn State University
Evaluation of Native and Adapted Grass Species and Their Management for Turfgrass Applications in the Intermountain West.
Landon Bunderson, Utah State University
Recent trends with baccalaureate degree turfgrass students and implications for employment in the green industry.
Michael Fidanza, Penn State University-Berks Campus, Mark Carroll, University of Maryland, James Breuninger, Dow AgroSciences, Christopher Forth, TruGreen-ChemLawn
Inheritance of Brown Patch Resistance in Colonial Bentgrass.
Stacy A. Bonos, Rutgers University, Eric Weibel, Rutgers University
Screening Cool Season Turfgrasses for Salt Tolerance in the Field and Greenhouse.
Matthew Koch, Rutgers University, Stacy Bonos, Rutgers U./Plant Bio. & Pathology
Genetic diversity of 42 bermudagrass cultivars in a reduced light environment.
Christian Baldwin, Clemson Univ., Haibo Liu, Clemson Univ.
Dideoxy Polymorphism Scanning, an Effcient Gene-Based Method for Marker Development for Genetic Linkage Mapping.
David Rotter, Rutgers University, Scott Warnke, USDA ARS, Faith Belanger, Plant Path Dept., Cook College
EST-SSR analysis of Tall Fescue genetic diverstiy.
Scott Warnke, USDA ARS, Keenan Amundsen, USDA-ARS
Determination of apomixis in NPGS Poa lines using flow cytometry.
Alicia Kelley, Utah State University, Paul Johnson, Utah State University, Blair Waldron, Utah State University
Reproductive Fitness of Transgenic Bluegrass Hybrids.*
Amy L. Anderton, Dept. of Plants, Soils, & Biometeorology Utah State Univ, Paul G. Johnson, Dept. of Plants, Soils, & Biometeorology Utah State Univ, Steve R. Larson, USDA-ARS Forage and Range Research Lab. Utah State Univ
Gene Escape from Glyphosate-Resistant Creeping Bentgrass Fields.
Maria Zapiola, Oregon State University, Carol Mallory-Smith, Oregon State University, Claudia Campbell, Oregon State University, Marvin Butler, Oregon State University
Phenotypic Variation of Saltgrass Accessions Relative to Geographic and Climatic Factors.*
Hrvoje Rukavina, Colorado State University Dept. Horticulture, Randy Johnson, USDA Forest Service, Harrison Hughes, Colorado State University, Dept. Horticulture
Genetic Mapping of Fall Armyworm Resistance and Salinity Tolerance in Zoysiagrass.
R.W. Jessup, USDA-ARS, B.L. Burson, USDA-ARS, R. Krishnaramanujam, Texas A&M University, M.C. Engelke, Texas A&M University Research and Extension Center, A.D. Genovesi, Texas A&M University Research and Extension Center, J.A. Reinert, Texas A&M University Research and Extension Center, M.L. Binzel, Dept. of Horticultural Sciences, T.L. Kamps, University of Georgia, S. Schulze, University of Georgia, A.H. Paterson, University of Georgia
Salinity Tolerance of 33 Greens-type Annual Bluegrass Experimental Lines.*
Jing Dai, Penn State University, Maxim J. Schlossberg, Penn State University, Douglas D. Archibald, Penn State University, David R. Huff, Penn State University
Efficient Irrigation Scheduling and Crop Water Stress Index for Fairway Bentgrass.
Stephen McCann, Rutgers University, Bingru Huang, Rutgers University
Leaf Cuticle Characteristics of a Cool-Season and Warm-Season Putting Green Turfgrass Species.
J. C. Stiegler, University of Arkansas, M.D. Richardson, University of Arkansas, D.E. Karcher, University of Arkansas, D.M. Oosterhuis, University of Arkansas, J.B. Murphy, University of Arkansas, S.C. Goeke, University of Arkansas, E.M. Martin, University of Arkansas
Effect of Chemical Growth Regulation Strategies on Anthracnose Severity of Annual Bluegrass Putting Green Turf.
John C. Inguagiato, Rutgers University, James A. Murphy, Rutgers University, Bruce B. Clarke, Rutgers University
Effects of Mesotrione on Kentucky Bluegrass Establishment.
Alexander Kowalewski, Michigan State University, Ronald Calhoun, 268 Plant & Soil Science Bldg., Aaron D. Hathaway, Michigan State University, John N. Rogers III, Michigan State University
Annual Bluegrass Seedhead Suppression with Bispyribac-Sodium and Plant Growth Regulators.
Patrick Mccullough, Rutgers Univ., Stephen Hart, Rutgers State University Accounts Payable
Fungicide Effects on Turf-Type Tall Fescue Endophyte Infection.
Kristina S. Walker, Purdue University, Cale Bigelow, Purdue University, Douglas Richmond, "Purdue Univ. - Dept, of Entomology", Glenn Hardebeck, Purdue Univ.
Effects of Exogenous Cytokinin and Ethylene Inhibitor on Heat-Induced Leaf Senescence for Creeping Bentgrass.
Yan Xu, Dept. of Plant Biology & Pathology, Rutgers Univ., Bingru Huang, Dept. of Plant Biology & Pathology, Rutgers Univ.
Membrane Lipid Changes in Meyer and Cavalier Zoysiagrass during Cold Acclimation.
Qi Zhang, Kansas State University - Plant Pathology, Jack Fry, Kansas State University, Channa Rajashekar, Kansas State Unvierity
Overexpression of Tobacco Phytochrome B1 Gene Influences Performance of Transgenic Creeping Bentgrass under Various Light Conditions.
Jia Yan, The Ohio State Univ., T. K. Danneberger, OSU-Dept. Hort./Crop Science, David Gardner, Ohio State University - Columbus

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