Monday, November 13, 2006: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
112: Soil and Plant Interactions: Nutrient Cycling
Sponsor:S07 Forest, Range & Wildland Soils
Soluble N Flux as a Function of Organic Matter Retention in an Intensively Managed Stand of the Pacific Northwest.*
Brian Strahm, Univ of Washington, Robert Harrison, Univ of Washington, Thomas Terry, Weyerhaeuser Co., Paul W. Footen, Univ of Washington
Soil Nitrogen Mineralization in Forested Headwater Stream Watersheds in Relation to Riparian Buffers.*
Jessica Taylor, Univ of Washington, Daniel Vogt, Univ of Washington, College of Forest Resources, Robert Edmonds, University of Washington, Richard Bigley, Washington Dept of Natural Resources
Riparian Fen Peatland Decomposition Controls on Boreal Stream Alkalinity.
James McLaughlin, Ontario Forest Research Inst, Maara Packalen, Ontario Forest Research Inst
Potential Role of Nitrogen Mineralization in Riparian Soils in a Multi-Landuse Basin: A Research Approach.
D.M. Evans, OSU Dept of Forest Engineering, S.H. Schoenholtz, Virginia Tech, Stephen Griffith, USDA-ARS, P.J. Wigington Jr., USEPA
Canopy and Soil N and P in a Tropical Forest Across Temperature and Precipitation Gradients.*
Travis Idol, Univ of Hawaii, Patrick Baker, Monash Univ
Nitrogen Reserves and Flows in an Inland Pacific Northwest Dry-Site Forest.*
George Scherer, College of Forest Resources, Jeff Hatten, College of Forest Resources, Darlene Zabowski, College of Forest Resources
What Controls Calcium Budgets in Northern Hardwood Forests: Species Composition or Parent Material?.
Ruth Yanai, SUNY-ESF, Steven Hamburg, Brown University, Joel D. Blum, Univ of Michigan, Mary Arthur, University of Kentucky, Marty Acker, Forestry Dept, TP Cooper Bldg, Farrah Fatemi, SUNY-ESF, Matthew Vadeboncoeur, Brown Univ, Center for Env Studies

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