Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
155: Agricultural Systems from Precision Farming and Remote Sensing to Elevated CO2 and Microbial Diversity
Sponsor:A08 Integrated Agricultural Systems
Spatial and Temporal Resolution Requirements For Real-Time Temperature Measurements in Perennial Crops.
Eileen M. Perry, Washington State Univ, Pedro Andrade, Washington State Univ, Jose Chavez, Washington State Univ, Francis Pierce, Washington State Univ
Rodent Management for Surface Drip Irrigation Tubing in Corn, Cotton, and Peanut.*
Ronald Sorensen, USDA-ARS-NPA-SPNRU, Russell Nuti, NPRL-ARS-USDA, Marshall C. Lamb, USDA-ARS-NPRL
Automated Processing of Yield Monitor Data in Python.*
George W. Mueller-Warrant, USDA-ARS, Gerald Whittaker, USDA-ARS
Predicting Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn using an Active Sensor.*
Adam Dellinger, The Pennsylvania State Univ, John Schmidt, USDA-ARS, Douglas Beegle, The Pennsylvania State Univ
Microbial Diversity of an Agricultural Soil under Various Agronomic Conditions by Pcr-Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis.
Elica Moss, Alabama A&M Univ, Meiko Thompson, Alabama A&M Univ, Zachary Senwo, Alabama A&M Univ, Robert Taylor, Alabama A&M Univ
Fall and Spring Development of Soybean Cyst Nematode on Winter Annual Weeds in the Eastern Corn Belt.
John E. Mcmillan, Purdue Univ, J. Earl Creech, Purdue Univ, Andreas Westphal, Purdue Univ, Brian G. Young, Southern Illinois Univ - Carbondale, Jared S. Webb, Southern Illinois Univ, Jason P. Bond, Southern Illinois Univ - Carbondale, S. Kent Harrison, Ohio State Univ, William G. Johnson, Purdue Univ
Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 on Root Dynamics of Sorghum, Clover, and Soybean Grown Under Sustainable and Conventional Agricultural Management Systems.
Seth G. Pritchard, College of Charleston, Stephen Prior, USDA-ARS, Nat'l Soil Dynamics Lab, Hugo Rogers, USDA-ARS, Nat'l Soil Dynamics Lab, Brett Runion, USDA-ARS, Nat'l Soil Dynamics Lab, Greg Baccari, College of Charleston, Dept of Biology, Micheal A. Davis, Univ of Southern Mississippi
Effects of Foliar Fungicides on Mid-South Field Corn Production.
Jason Kelley, Univ of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Richard Cartwright, Univ of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Steven Sheets, Univ of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, David TeBeest, Univ of Arkansas
Non-Target Plant Effects from Planting in Soil/Compost Media Containing Penoxsulam Herbicide.*
David W. Roberts, Dow AgroSciences, William F. Brinton, Woods End Research Laboratory, Inc., Timothy D. White, Crop Management Strategies, Inc.

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