Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
275: Classification, Phyologeny, Ancestry, and Barriers to Hybridization
Sponsor:C08 Plant Genetic Resources
Cross-Compatibility of Cultivated Amaranthus Grain Lines with Wild Amaranthus Species.*
David Brenner, Iowa State University, Micheal Owen, Iowa State University
Integration of Biochemical and Genetic Data for Crotalaria Germplasm Analysis.*
J. Bradley Morris, USDA-ARS, M. L. Wang, USDA, ARS, PGRCU, R. E. Dean, University of Georgia, J. Davis, University of Georgia
Who's Your Daddy? How the CIMMYT Inbred Maize Lines Compare to Some of the Landraces That Appear in their Pedigrees.*
John Anglin, Clunette Elevator Co., Inc., Jorge Franco, CIMMYT, Jose Crossa, CIMMYT, Susanne Dreisigacker, CIMMYT, Suketoshi Taba, CIMMYT
Recovery of Exotic Alleles in Enhanced Tropical Yellow Germplasm.*
Susanne Dreisigacker, CIMMYT, Int., Suketoshi Taba, CIMMYT, Int., Matthew Krakowsky, USDA-ARS, Ana Gomez, CIMMYT, Int., Claudia Bedoya, CIMMYT, Int., Marilyn Warburton, CIMMYT, Int.
Reproductive Characterization of Several Natural and Induced Bahiagrass Tetraploids.*
Carlos Acuna, University Of Florida, Ann Blount, University of Florida - NFREC, Kenneth Quesenberry, University of Florida, Kevin Kenworthy, University of Florida, Wayne Hanna, University of Georgia
Phylogeny and Determination of Possible Natural Hybridization among the Australian Arid Zone Gossypium Species.
Rashmi Tiwari, University of Arkansas, James Stewart, University of Arkansas
Introduction and Adaptation of Corn Exotic Lines to Southern U.S.
Rebecca Corn, Soil and Crop Sciences, Texas A&M, Kerry Mayfield, Texas A&M, Cody McKee, Texas A&M Universtiy, T. Isakeit, Texas A&M, G. Odvody, Texas A&M, Javier Betran, Texas A&M University

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