Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 9:10 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 122, First Floor
279: Metals in the Soil Environment: Transformation and Speciation
Sponsor:S02 Soil Chemistry
Presiding:Shiou Kuo, Washington State University
9:10 AMIntroductory Remarks
9:15 AMSpeciation and Geochemical Cycling of Lead, Arsenic, Chromium, and Cadmium in a Smelter-Contaminated Soil. 
Xiaodong Gao, Purdue Univ, Darrell G. Schulze, Purdue Univ
9:30 AMPrecipitation and adsorption of high-concentration (millimolar) europium on smectite and calcite.
Youjun Deng, Desert Research Institute, James Harsh, Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Markus Flury, Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences
9:45 AMSpeciation of selenium(IV) and selenium(VI) using coupled ion chromatography-hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry.
Sabine Goldberg, USDA-ARS, Salinity Laboratory, Dean A. Martens, USDA-ARS Southwest Watershed Research Center, Harold S. Forster, USDA-ARS, Salinity Laboratory, Mitchell Herbel, U.S. Salinity Lab
10:00 AMBreak
10:15 AMInorganic Iron and Organic Carbon Links to Cadmium Stability in Biosolid-Soil.
Mark Chappell, U.S. Environmental Protection Agenc, Kirk Scheckel, U.S. Environmental Protection Agenc, Aaron Williams, U.S. Environmental Protection Agenc, James Ryan, U.S. Environmental Protection Agenc
10:30 AMIron (hydr)oxide transformation and release of arsenic from tropical soils during iron and sulfate reduction.
Benjamin Kocar, Stanford University, Samantha Ying, Stanford University, Matthew Polizzotto, Stanford University, Ung Mengieng, Resource Development International-Cambodia, Sopheap Samreth, Resource Development International-Cambodia, Leng Moniphea, Resource Development International-Cambodia, Mickey Sampson, Resource Development International-Cambodia, Scott Fendorf, Stanford University
10:45 AMOn the Physical and Chemical Reactivity of Manufactured ZnO Nanoparticles in Soil Environments. 
Nadine J. Kabengi, U. of Georgia - Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Jason Unrine, U. of Georgia - Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Andrew Neal, U. of Georgia - Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Paul Bertsch, U. of Georgia - Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Travis Glenn, U. of Georgia - Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Phillip L. Williams, The University of Georgia
11:00 AMChromate Sorption by Fe or Al Impregnated Wood Chips.
Shiou Kuo, Washington State University, Richard Bembenek, Washington State University
11:15 AMDiscussion
11:30 AMAdjourn

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