Thursday, November 16, 2006: 8:55 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 102, First Floor
319: Chemistry of Soil Organic Matter and Phosphorus
Sponsor:S02 Soil Chemistry
Presiding:Kenneth Sajwan, Savannah State Univ
8:55 AMIntroductory Remarks
9:00 AMZero Year Carbon Contents of reclaimed Minesoils. 
Sriroop Chaudhuri, West Virginia University, Louis M. McDonald, West Virginia University, Mark Sperrow, West Virginia University, Jeff Skousen, West Virginia University
9:15 AMContribution of plant cuticular materials to humic materials in soil.
Elizabeth Johnson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Baoshan Xing, "Dep. of Plant, Soil & Insect Scien"
9:30 AMSolid state spectral features of metal phytate compounds.
Zhongqi He, USDA-ARS, C. Wayne Honeycutt, USDA-ARS, Tiequan Zhang, Agric. & Agri-Food Canada, Perry J. Pellechia, University of South Carolina, Wolfgang A. Caliebe, Brookhaven National Laboratory
9:45 AMPhosphorus Sorption Characteristics of Tifton Soil Amended with Pyrolysis-derived Chars.
Leticia Sonon, University of Georgia, Keith Harris, Dept. of Biol. & Ag. Eng., Univeristy of Georgia, Julia Gaskin, Dept. of Biol. & Ag. Eng., Univeristy of Georgia, K.C. Das, Dept. of Biol. & Ag. Eng., Univeristy of Georgia
10:00 AMPhosphorus Release and Retention by Organic Materials under Different Redox Conditions.
Emily Stockman, University of Massachussetts, Deborah Picking, University of Massachussetts, Petrus L.M. Veneman, University of Massachussetts
10:15 AMDiscussion
10:30 AMConcluding Remarks
10:35 AMAdjourn

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