Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
178: Projects of the Soil Processes Program of the National Research Initiative
Sponsor:Z06 USDA-NRI
Presiding:Nancy Cavallaro, USDA/CSREES
Spatial Distribution of Soil Biota, Mycorrhizae, Roots and Soil Nitrogen Transformations.
Louise Jackson, University of California-Davis, Kate Scow, Univ of California Davis, Timothy R. Cavagnaro, Univ of California Davis
15N Natural Abundance of the Soil Microbial Biomass is Related to C and N Availability.
Paul Dijkstra, Dept Biol Sciences, Northern Arizona Univ, Jeffrey S. Coyle, Dept Biol Sciences, Northern Arizona Univ, Paul C. Selmants, Northern Arizona Univ, School of Forestry, Egbert Schwartz, Dept Biol Sciences, Northern Arizona Univ, Stephen Hart, Northern Arizona Univ., Bruce A. Hungate, Dept Biol Sciences, Northern Arizona Univ
Percolation Patterns as a Function of Burrow Distribution in an Earthworm Addition (Lumbricus terrestris) Experiment.
Josef Gorres, Univ of Rhode Island, Jose Amador, 024 Coastal Institute Building
Probing the Role of Polarity in SOM Interactions.
Robert L. Cook, Louisiana State Univ, Baoshan Xing
Microbial Biomass and Activity in Acid Forest Soils Amended with Wollastonite (CaSiO3).
Peter Groffman, Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Chris Johnson, Syracuse Univ, Melany C. Fisk, Appalachian State Univ
Discovery of Nitrogen Fixation within Novel Microbial Groups Achieved by 15N2 Stable Isotope Probing of Soil.
Daniel Buckley, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences, Shi-Fang Hsu, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences, Varisa Haungyutitham, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences, Tyrrell Nelson, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences
Influence of Smectite Hydration and Interlayer Cation on Substituted Benzenes Sorption.
Vaneet Aggarwal, Michigan State University, Hui Li, MSU, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences, Brian Teppen, MSU, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences, Stephen Boyd, MSU, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences, Cliff T. Johnston, Purdue Univ, David Laird, USDA-ARS, National Soil Tilth Lab
A Grid Based Autonomous Agent Model of Hierarchical Soil Structure and Bacterivorous Nematodes.*
Thomas Weicht, Univ of Vermont, Josef Gorres, Univ of Rhode Island, Daryl Moorhead, Univ of Toledo, Deborah Neher, Univ of VT, Plant & Soil Science Dept
Microbial Populations and Enzyme Activities in Soil in situ under Transgenic Corn Expressing Cry Proteins from Bacillus thuringiensis.*
Isik Icoz, NYU, Dept of Biology, Deepak Saxena, NYU, Dept of Biology, David Andow, Univ of Minnesota, Claudia Zwahlen, Univ of Minnesota, Guenther Stotzky, NYU, Dept of Biology
Recalcitrant Soil Organic Matter in Agricultural Landscapes.*
Michael Thompson, Iowa State Univ
In Situ Enrichment with BioSep Beads Yields Diverse and Metabolically Novel Atrazine Degrading Soil Bacteria.
Mark Radosevich, Univ of Tennessee, Emily C. Martin, Univ of Tennessee, Dhritiman Ghosh, Univ of Tennessee, Kris Roy, Univ of Tennessee, Aaron Peacock, Univ of Tennessee, David C. White, Univ of Tennessee
Unraveling Complexity: Towards a Comprehensive Survey of Soil Bacterial Populations through Analysis of Fractionated Community DNA.
William E. Holben, The Univ of Montana
Comparison of Runoff P with P Extracted from Animal Manures.
Tasha Mashburn, Univ of Georgia, Dorcas Franklin, USDA-ARS, Yebin Zhao, Univ of Georgia, Kang Xia, Mississippi State Chemical Lab, Armando S. Tasistro, Univ of Georgia, Miguel Cabrera, Univ of Georgia, Crop & Soil Sciences
Molecular Scale Determinants of Organic Contaminant and Pesticide Sorption by Clays.
Stephen Boyd, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences, Brian Teppen, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences, Hui Li, Dept of Crop & Soil Sciences, Cliff T. Johnston, Purdue Univ, David Laird, USDA-ARS, National Soil Tilth Lab
Effect of Salinity and Sediments on Carbon Gas Emissions in Wetland Soils.
Jim Wang, Louisiana State University - Agronomy & Environmental Management, Syam Dodla, Louisiana State Univ, Ronald DeLaune, Wetland Biogechemistry Inst
Enantioselectivity of Current Chiral Insecticides in Soil and Sediment Environments.*
Jay Gan, Dept of Environmental Sciences, Sujie Qin, Dept of Environmental Sciences, Mae Grace Nillos, Dept of Environmental Sciences, Daniel Schlenk, Dept of Environmental Sciences
Heterologous Expression of the fnr Gene from Enterobacter Cloacae SLD1-1a in Escherichia coli S17-1 Activates Selenate Reductase Activity and the Ability to Precipitate Se(0) Biominerals.
Nathan Yee, Rutgers Univ, Donald Kobayashi, Rutgers Univ
Development of Microarray-Based PCR for Analysis of Nitrogen Cycling Functional Guilds.
Bruno P. Lima, Loyola University Chicago, John Kelly, Loyola University Chicago
Summary of Evidence Supporting the Glassy Polymer Sorption Model for Nonionic Organic Compounds in SOM.*
Joseph Pignatello, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment, Baoshan Xing, Dept of Plant, Soil & Insect Science
Phosphate Bonding to Fe(III) and Al(III) in Soil Organic Matter.
Dean Hesterberg, NC State Univ, Kimberly Hutchison, NC State Univ
Factors Controlling Veterinary Antibiotic Sorption to Soils.
Allison MacKay, Univ of Connecticut, Dharni Vasudevan, Bowdoin College
The Annual International Conference on Soils Sediments and Water: Regulatory, Site Assessment, Risk Assessment and Remediation Issues of Pesticide Contamination.
Paul T. Kostecki, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst, Edward J. Calabrese, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst, Denise A. Leonard, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst
Geophysical Investigations of Soil Moisture at the Univ of Mississippi Soil Moisture Observatory.
Robert M. Holt, Univ of Mississippi, Craig Hickey, Univ of Mississippi, Matthew S. Aufman, Univ of Mississippi
Role of 2,4-Diacetylphloroglucinol-Producing Fluorescent Pseudomonas spp. in Plant Defense.
David M. Weller, USDA, ARS

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