Sunday, November 12, 2006: 3:10 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 109, First Floor
10: National Student Research Symposium Contest Oral Session: I
Sponsor:Z00 Students of Agronomy, Soils and Environmental Sciences (SASES)
Presiding:Heather Jahnsen, Texas A&M University
3:10 PMIntroductory Remarks
3:15 PMItalian Ryegrass Control in Conventional and Glyphosate Tolerant Winter Canola.
Joshua A. Bushong, Oklahoma State Univ, Mark C. Boyles, Oklahoma State Univ, Dr. Thomas F. Peeper, Oklahoma State Univ
3:30 PMPhosphorus Characterization of Manure and Manured Soils after Feeding Phytase and Distillers Dry Grains Solubles to Swine.
Crystal Freeman, Colorado State Univ, Neil Hansen, Colorado State Univ., James Ippolito, Colorado State Univ, Gerald Shurson, Univ. of Minnesota
3:45 PMUse of Vegetation Index to Determine Potential Yield Loss: A Risk Managment Tool for Asian Soybean Rust. 
George Clements, Univ of Kentucky, Saratha Kumudini, Univ of Kentucky, Joseph Omielan, University of Kentucky, Elena Prior, Univ of Kentucky
4:00 PMIdentification of Wheat Genotypes with Large Root Volume to Potentially Increase Drought Tolerance.
Nicholas A. Crowley, Purdue Univ, Agronomy Dept, James Uphaus, AgReliant Genetics LLC, Herbert Ohm, Purdue Univ, Agronomy Dept
4:15 PMMycorrhizal Infection in Roundup-Ready Row Crops. 
Aaron Daigh, Univ of Arkansas, Mary Savin, Univ of Arkansas, Larry Purcell, Univ of Arkansas
4:30 PMBreak
4:45 PMUse of Flooding to Analyze N Infiltration and Movement in Clay Versus Silt-Loam Soil Used for Arkansas Rice Production. 
Lindsay Copenhaver, Univ of Arkansas, Mary Savin, Univ of Arkansas, David Miller, Univ of Arkansas, Peter Tomlinson, Univ of Arkansas, Kris Brye, Univ of Arkansas, Richard Norman, Univ of Arkansas
5:00 PMThe Use of Bio-Based Surfactants to Enhance the Efficacy of Potash as a Contact Herbicide. 
Dylan Walker, Virginia Tech Univ, Donald Mullins, Virginia Tech Univ, Richard Fell, Virginia Tech Univ, James Westwood, Virginia Tech Univ
5:15 PMPhosphorus, Potassium and Micronutrient Stratification in Long-Term No-Till Soils. 
Catherine Byers, Virginia Tech, John Spargo, Crop & Soil Environmental Sci- 0404, Marcus Alley, Crop & Soil Env Sci Dept
5:30 PMSequential Extraction of Copper and Zinc from Two Californian Soils. 
Katharine Carr, Earth & Soil Sciences Dept, Christopher Appel, Earth & Soil Sciences Dept, Craig Stubler, Earth & Soil Sciences Dept, Shana McCarthy, Earth & Soil Sciences Dept
5:45 PMAdjourn

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