Monday, November 13, 2006: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
22: Canola: II. Planting Date, Harvest, and Economics
Sponsor:Z02 US Canola Association
Presiding:Ben Deal, Georgia Canola Producer
An Evaluation of the Effects of Planting Date and Seeding Rate on the Yield of Winter Canola Grown at Three Different Geographic Areas.
Nicole Fink, Purdue Univ, Agronomy Dept, Shawn Conley, Purdue Univ, Agronomy Dept, Ellsworth Christmas, Purdue Univ, Agronomy Dept
Planting Date Effects on Winter Canola Production in Kansas.
Victor L. Martin, South Central Exp. Field/K-State, Herbert Sunderman, South Central Exp. Field/K-State, William Stegmeier, South Central Exp. Field/K-State, William Heer, South Central Exp. Field/K-State
Seedling Cold Tolerance and Yields of Early Seeded Canola.*
Chengci Chen, Montana State Univ, Grant Jackson, Montana State Univ, Johnna Heser, Montana State Univ, Karnes Neill, Montana State Univ
Yield of Winter Canola as Affected by Spring Application of Nitrogen.
William F. Heer, Kansas State Univ, South Central Field
Cotton Seedling Management in a Double-Crop System Following Winter Canola.
G. David Buntin, Univ of Georgia, Kenneth W. Seebold, Univ of Kentucky, Craig Bednarz, Texas Tech Univ, Dan V. Phillps, Univ of Georgia, Paul Raymer, Univ of Georgia, Griffin Campus
Swathing versus Direct Harvesting of Winter Canola in Oklahoma and Southern Kansas.
Heath Sanders, Oklahoma State Univ, Thomas Peeper, Oklahoma State Univ, David Zavodny, Oklahoma State Univ
Field Scale Canola Straight Harvest Trials.
Kent R. McKay, North Dakota State Univ, Lee Novak, North Dakota State Univ
Grazing Winter Canola in the Southern Great Plains.
William F. Heer, Kansas State Univ, South Central Field
Agronomy and Economics of Winter Canola Production in North Alabama.
Udai Bishnoi, Dept of Plant & Soil Science, Suresh Kumar, Dept of Plant & Soil Science, Ernst Cebert, Dept of Plant & Soil Science, Rao Mentreddy, Dept of Plant & Soil Science
Agronomic and Economic Performance of Winter and Spring Canola and Rapeseed in Pennsylvania Cropping Systems.*
Mary Carol Frier, Penn State, Gregory Roth, Pennsylvania State Univ, Jayson K. Harper, Penn State Univ

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