Troubleshooting Questions/Problems

I can't see the Abstract Control Panel (left frame).
Wait a little longer. Particularly if you have a very slow connection to the Internet, or when the Internet is very busy, it can take a while to download everything to your screen. Usually the right frame will appear first, then the left. If it takes more than a minute for the Abstract Control Panel to appear, contact technical support by email or by phone (401) 334-0220.

I clicked a button to go to the next step in submitting an abstract, but the page didn't open. What do I do now?
There are several possible reasons opening of the next page did not occur. The most likely is a poor internet connection.

When trying to submit or review an abstract, I get a JavaScript Error. What should I do?
Make sure your browser is set to support JavaScript. To enable it:

Most older browsers do not support JavaScript, and if you are using one you will need to upgrade in order to exercise the online abstract review system.

JavaScript errors occur in some browsers when you use the browser's "Back" button. You can get around these errors by backing up even more or by exercising a link in the Control Panel and going through the error-causing step again.

JavaScript errors can occur when a hidden portion of a form has not downloaded completely to your computer. Try ignoring the error and proceeding with your work. If that doesn't work, then log in again.

I get an error message when I try to add a title, select a session, enter an author, or enter my abstract.
The submission form uses JavaScript for these functions. Make sure that your browser is set to support JavaScript. If it is, make sure that the entire window has been downloaded, including both Abstract Control Panel in the left frame. If you still run into a problem, please let us know by email or by phone (401) 334-0220

I can't find a way to represent a character I need.
If the character appears on this list, you can copy and paste the necessary code into your submission. If not, ask for help via email.

I don't have an e-mail account and I can't submit my abstract without this.
Without an email address, the principal author cannot be promptly notification of submission, acceptance, or rejection. If the principal author or presenter truly has no email address, enter "N/A" in place of an email address.

I've submitted the title authors, but I don't see how to add the text! You have apparently overlooked or ignored a message asking you to identify the presenting author as such. Please click on the name of the presenting author and then, near the top of the author form, select the "Yes" button at "Presenting?". Submission of the abstract text is prevented until a presenting author has been identified.

Do I have to learn HTML to use this system?
No. In some cases it might be convenient to submit an abstract as an HTML file; but even then you don't need to learn HyperText Markup Language. There are, instead, easy ways to save your abstract as an HTML file using software that you already have or that you can obtain for free. If your abstract includes many images or unusual symbols, or a table, and if you are finding it difficult to submit your abstract or make it appear correctly, learn how to submit an HTML file.

My paragraphs all ran together!
If you are submitting your abstract by typing or pasting it into the text box, you must leave an extra line between paragraphs.

Is it possible to include a bulleted or numbered list?
Yes, there a several ways to do so. If you are submitting your abstract by typing or pasting it into the text box, just leave an extra line at the beginning and end of the list and between items. Most recent versions of word processors will allow you to save a document in HTML format; both bulleted and numbered lists are supported by HTML and will generally be preserved as intended if saved from a word processor in that format and then uploaded to us.

How do I use tabs in my abstract text?
Don't. When you submit your abstract online we convert it to an HTML file so it can be displayed in a web browser. Any white space character or string of white space characters -- tabs or blank spaces -- are generally converted to a single space. Do not put tabs at the beginning of paragraphs. Instead, use the standard business style of separating paragraphs by blank lines. Do not use tabs to set up a table. Instead either

My abstract is under the word limit but I get a message telling me it's too long.
As in the past, the Societies require that your abstract fit inside a box of standard dimensions (based on the use of standard fonts and layout). The word limit for this meeting is [+ App->AppConfTool->get("upload/AbstractMax")+] If your abstract includes an image, then we calculate how much of that box will be occupied by that image and reduce the allowable number of words accordingly. To avoid this message, reduce the size of your image or the number of words.

I saved my abstract as an HTML file using WordPerfect, and the Greek letters disappeared. What do I do now?
Most versions of WP exhibit this problem. You can:

I can't upload my abstract file.
Send us an email message explaining exactly what happened when you tried, and attach the text of your abstract to the message.

Question: When I try to submit my abstract text, I get a proxy error.
You will most likely get this type of error when trying to upload your abstract text from behind a corporate firewall. Check with your network adminstrator for assistance, or type your abstract text in the box without uploading an HTML file or images.

I have created a structure in PowerPoint (or other presentation or drawing package) and I don't know how to submit it with my abstract.
See " How to Save an Image in GIF or JPEG Format.

Microsoft Word renames my image files when I save the abstract as HTML.
That is good. Note the new file names, and browse your way to those files when asked to do so for image uploading.

How do I control text wrapping around images in my abstract file?
With difficulty. When you submit your abstract online we convert it to an HTML file so it can be displayed in a web browser. The only good way to control wrapping around an image today is to set the image inside a table cell, and even then the wrapping is often imperfect. Unless this problem affects comprehension of your abstract, don't worry about it. The wrapping will probably look different when the abstract is printed in the book of abstracts. If this affects comprehension of the abstract ask us for help.

I can't upload my images.
Send us an email message explaining exactly what happened when you tried, and attach the images to the message.

How will I know if my abstract has been submitted?
Your abstract is submitted piece-by-piece, as you enter it. When you have completed the last step, you will see a confirming page. At the top of the page will be the words "Abstract Submitted for Review ". Beneath that you will see everything that you submitted. And at the bottom of the page you will find directions for viewing or modifying that submission at a later time (up until the abstract submission deadline).

My abstract doesn't look the way I think it should.
There are some differences between the way things appear on the Web and in print. Words, for example, do not usually wrap neatly around pictures on a web page unless you take special precautions and upload the abstract as an HTML file. Pictures are displayed on a computer screen at much lower resolution (70-100 dpi) than on paper (150-600 dpi), so they can look a little fuzzy. Try printing your abstract from the browser if you are concerned about a fuzzy picture. If something important has really been lost in the translation during online submission, let us know.

Other Problems? Please call (401) 334-0220 for assistance. Or ask for help by email.