Wednesday, 9 November 2005: 1:10 PM
Convention Center,, Room 251C, Upper Level
247: Symposium--Organic Seed Production and Breeding for Organic Production Systems
Sponsor:C04 Seed Physiology, Production & Technology
Cosponsor:C01 Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology
Presiding:Mark, A., Brick, Colorado State University
1:10 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:15 PMPlant Improvement of Vegetable Crop Populations for Organic Systems.
Steven E. Peters, Seeds Of Change
1:45 PMOrganic Seed Production Research in Land Grant Institutions. 
Jane Sooby, Organic Farming Research Foundation
2:15 PMThe Organic Seed Partnership: Breeding for and in Organically Managed Systems. 
The Organic Seed Partnership, Alcorn State U., Cornell U., New Mexico State U., NOFA-NY, Oregon State U., PGRU, USDA-ARS, UC Davis, W. VA State U.
2:30 PMBreeding Wheat for Organic Systems.
Kevin M. Murphy, Washington State University, Stephen S. Jones, Washington State University
2:45 PMDifferences in Dry Bean Cultivars for Nutrient and Water Use in Response to Seven Organic and Non-Organic Cropping Systems and Their Significance to Breeding.
Dale Westermann, USDA/ARS, Mary Kay, USDA/ARS, Henry Teran, University of Idaho, Carlos Munoz-Perea, University of Idaho, Richard Parrott, Low-Input Organic Farmer, Kenneth Mulberry, High-Input Organic Farmer, David Fullmer, Non-Organic Farmer, Jay Smith, Retired USDA-ARS Soil Scientist & Small Farmer, Richard Allen, University of Idaho, James Wright, USDA/ARS, Marie Dennis, University of Idaho, Richard Hayes, University of Idaho, Shree Singh, University of Idaho
3:00 PMBreak
3:15 PMDiscussion
3:30 PMWheat Cultivar Performance in Certified Organic Environments in Minnesota and North Dakota.
Patrick M. Carr, North Dakota State University, Herman J. Kandel, University of Minnesota, Paul M. Porter, University of Minnesota, Richard Horsley, North Dakota State University, Steven F. Zwinger, North Dakota State University
3:45 PMField Corn Hybrids and Open-Pollinated Varieties for Organic Systems. 
Margaret E. Smith, Cornell University, Frank Kutka, Cornell University, Jane Mt. Pleasant, Cornell University, Klaas Martens, Lakeview Organic Grain LLC
4:00 PMIntrogression of Tropical Germplasm to Reduce the Damage of Ear-Feeding Pests and Develop Products for Organic Corn Production.
Wenwei Xu, Texas A&M University, Gary Odvody, Texas A&M University, W. Paul Williams, USDA-ARS Corn Host Plant Resistance Research Unit, Patrick Porter, Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Texas A&M University, Greg Cronholm, Texas Cooperative Extension
4:15 PMModeling the Potential Benefits of Maize Bred for Higher Protein Grain. 
Frank J. Kutka, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Margaret Smith, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Thomas P. Tylutki, Department of Animal Science, M. D. Duffy, Iowa State University, Jane Mt Pleasant, Department of Horticulture, Laurie E. Drinkwater, Department of Horticulture
4:30 PMDiscussion
4:45 PMAdjourn
Cosponsor:C01 Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology

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