Monday, November 13, 2006

Stalk Splitting to Evaluate Corn Germplasm for European Corn Borer Infestation.

Nora D'Croz-Mason1, Max Clegg2, Stephen Mason2, and John Foster1. (1) Univ of Nebraska, 1200 Cessna Circle, Lincoln, NE 68527, (2) Univ of Nebraska, 1200 Cessna Circle, Lincoln, NE 68527

Maize stalk and shank splitting for evaluation of European corn borer infestation is time consuming and physically demanding, but essential for breeding efforts for resistance. A system for splitting maize stalks using a band saw with a guide was developed and used with a portable generator to evaluate over 4500 rows of a breeding nursery in 2005. Total cost was slightly over $100 for the band saw as a portable generator was available. The procedure was fast, less physically demanding and safer than using a knife. Care was required to not jam the blade when feeding the stalk, and to keep the band saw wheels and blade clean. This paper will show pictures of the method and its use in the field in 2005.

Handout (.ppt format, 3435.0 kb)