Monday, November 13, 2006: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
59: Resistance to Biotic Stresses in Maize and Legumes
Sponsor:C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics
Identification of Resistance Mechanisms to Striga hermonthica in Maize.
Idris Amusan, Purdue Univ, Dept of Agronomy, Patrick Rich, Purdue Univ, Dept. of Agronomy, Abebe Menkir, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - IITA, Thomas Housley, Purdue Univ, Dept. of Agronomy, Gebisa Ejeta, Purdue University-Agronomy Dept.
Joint Analysis of Insect Feeding Damage in Maize.*
Andrew Hauck, Univ of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Crop Science Dept, Martin Bohn, Univ of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Crop Science Dept
Stalk Splitting to Evaluate Corn Germplasm for European Corn Borer Infestation.*
Nora D'Croz-Mason, Univ of Nebraska, Max Clegg, Univ of Nebraska, Stephen Mason, Univ of Nebraska, John Foster, Univ of Nebraska
Gray Leaf Spot Evaluation of Elite Exotic Maize Inbreds.
Paul Nelson, North Carolina State Univ, M.P. Jines, North Carolina State Univ, Major Goodman, North Carolina State Univ, Dept. Of Crop Science
Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci for Resistance to Eyespot in Maize.*
Marcelo Melani, North Dakota State Univ., Marcelo Carena, North Dakota State Univ.
Validation and Characterization of Candidate Resistance QTL for Marker-Assisted Selection of Resistance to Multiple Foliar Pathogens of Maize.
Richard Pratt, Ohio State University - OARDC, Godfrey Asea, The Ohio State Univ, Dept of Horticulture & Crop Science, Patrick Lipps, The Ohio State Univ, Dept of Horticulture & Crop Science, Bingiganavile Vivek, CIMMYT, George Bigirwa, Namulonge Agricultural and Animal Production Research Institute
White Clover Response to Southern Root-Knot Nematode Isolates.
David Wofford, Univ. of Florida, Agronomy Dept., E. Ostmark, Univ. of Florida, Agronomy Dept.
Molecular Markers Linked to White Mold Resistance in Common Bean.
Judd Maxwell, North Carolina State Univ, Mark Brick, Colorado State Univ, Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Patrick Byrne, Colordao State Univ, Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Howard Schwartz, Colorado State Univ, Xueyan Shan, Colorado State Univ
Planting Date Effects on Pod Yield and Symptoms of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Peanut.
Barry Tillman, University of Florida, Daniel Gorbet, N. Florida Res. & Educ. Center, Peter Andersen, N. Florida Res. & Educ. Center
Seed Yield and Insect Resistance of Near-Isogenic Soybean Lines with Introgressed Resistance QTL from PI 229358.*
Caleb Warrington IV, Univ. of Georgia, Shuquan Zhu, Univ. of Georgia, John All, Univ. of Georgia, Wayne Parrott, Univ of Georgia, H. R. Boerma, Univ. of Georgia
Inheritance of Resistance in Soybean PI494182 to Cyst Nematode Populations.
Prakash Arelli, USDA-ARS, Dechun Wang, Michigan State Univ
Sequence Analysis and Pathogenic Characterization of Fusarium spp. Associated with Sudden death syndrome of soybean.
Silvina Giammaria, Univ of Arkansas, Zahi K. Atallah, Univ of Wisconsin, Walter R. Stevenson, Univ of Wisconsin, John Rupe, Univ of Arkansas
Genetic analysis of the resistance to sudden death syndrome in Hartwig soybean.
Silvina Giammaria, University of Arkansas, Ainong Shi, University of Arkansas, John Rupe, University of Arkansas, Pengyin Chen, University of Arkansas
Resistance to Soybean Rust in Early Maturing Chinese Soybean Germplasm.
Dechun Wang, Michigan State Univ, Huaigu Chen, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultual Sciences, Ying Luo, Sanming Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Shuming Wang, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Ray Hammerschmidt, Michigan State Univ, Roger Boerma, Univ of Georgia
SSR Mapping of Genes in Soybean Conditioning Resistance to Stem Canker.
Z. P. Shearin, Univ of Georgia, Ctr for Applied Genetic Tech., J. M. Narvel, Monsanto, Horace Cheney, Syngenta Seeds, Inc., H. R. Boerma, Univ of Georgia, Ctr for Applied Genetic Tech.
Gene Pyramiding for Soybean Mosaic Virus Resistance Using Microsatellite Markers.
Ainong Shi, Univ of Arkansas, Pengyin Chen, Univ of Arkansas, Cuiming Zheng, Univ of Arkansas, Anfu Hou, Univ of Arkansas, Shenlong Zhu, Univ of Arkansas

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