Monday, November 13, 2006 - 9:50 AM

Economics: What have Transgenic Crops Meant for U.S. Farmers?.

Paul D. Mitchell, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Agricultural and Applied Economics, 427 Lorch Street, Madison, WI 53706-1503

The presentation will focus on the effect of transgenic crops on farmers from an economic perspective.  Topics covered, depending on time, will include: i) changes in farmer returns due to yield increases, ii) farmer values of non-yield traits (peace of mind, safety), iii) resistance management, the cost of IRM requirements and farmer compliance, and iv) the effect of transgenic crops on risk.  The presentation will include a general overview of work by others concerning Bt cotton and herbicide tolerant soybeans, but will mostly focus on the author’s own work concerning Bt corn for lepidopteran and coleopteran control.