Monday, November 13, 2006: 7:55 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Sagamore 6, Second Floor
62: Symposium--What Have Transgenic Crops Meant For US Farmers? The First 10 Years of Transgenic Corn, Cotton, and Soybean
Sponsor:C03 Crop Ecology, Management & Quality
Cosponsor:A04 Extension Education
Presiding:Joseph Lauer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
7:55 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:00 AMPerformance of Transgenic Corn and Soybean. 
Joseph Lauer, University of Wisconsin
8:20 AMPerformance of Transgenic Cotton.
Steven M. Brown, The University of Georgia
8:40 AMDiscussion
8:50 AMWeeds: Assessing the Impact of Trangenic Herbicide Resistant Crops on Current and Future Weed Management Control Strategies. 
Mark M. Loux, The Ohio State University
9:10 AMInsects: Are IRM Plans for Transgenic Corn Endangered?. 
Emerson Nafziger, Univ of Illinois, Crop Sciences/W301 Turner Hall, Kevin L. Steffey, Univ of Illinois, Crop Sciences, W301 Turner Hall
9:30 AMDiseases: Influence of Transgenic Crops on Disease Risk in Corn and Soybeans. 
Gary P. Munkvold, Iowa State University
9:50 AMEconomics: What have Transgenic Crops Meant for U.S. Farmers?. 
Paul D. Mitchell, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Agricultural and Applied Economics
10:10 AMDiscussion
10:20 AMIncorporating Transgenic Crops into Farm Systems in the Northeastern US. 
Gregory Roth, The Pennsylvania State Univ.
10:40 AMIncorporating Transgenic Crops into Farm Systems in the Midwest US. 
Roger Elmore, Iowa State Univ
11:00 AMIncorporating Transgenic Crops into Farm Systems: Western Region. 
Michael Ottman, University of Arizona
11:20 AMIncorporating Transgenic Crops into Farm Systems in the Southern Region. 
R.Dewey Lee, Dept. of Crop & Soil Science, University of Georgia
11:40 AMAdjourn
Cosponsor:A04 Extension Education

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