Reports by Zachary Senwo

Characterization of Glycosyl Hydrolases Using Multiple Organic Carbon Sources.
Characterization of Phosphohydrolases Using Organophosphates.
Heavy Metal Induced Inhibition of Nitrate Reductases.
Impacts of Long-Term Land Applied Poultry Litter on Soil Properties and Macro Cations Status.
Metal Fractions in Soils under Various Crop Management.
Microbial Diversity of an Agricultural Soil under Various Agronomic Conditions by Pcr-Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis.
Phosphorus forms in Volcanic Ash and Soil from Montserrat Island, West Indies.
Screening Canola Varieties for Nutrients and Phytoremediation Efficiency.
Soil Diversity Along a Forest Profile Using PCRDGGE.