Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 9:25 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 101, First Floor
138: The Role of Vegetation in Mitigating Military Land Use Impacts
Sponsor:A02 Military Land Use & Management
Presiding:Philip S. Gipson, Kansas State Univ
9:25 AMIntroductory Remarks
9:30 AMVegetation Management - Is That a Military Mission?. 
Robert Lacey, US Army, Alan Anderson, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr
9:45 AMA Survey of Available Publications about Military Lands. 
Jeffrey S. Fehmi, Univ of Arizona, Fadzayi Mashiri, Univ of Arizona, Shamarie Black, Univ of Arizona
10:00 AMThe Role of Munitions- Impacted Sites on Military Lands as Refugia for Wildlife. 
Philip S. Gipson, Kansas State Univ, Jonathan Conard, Kansas State Univ, Alan B. Anderson, US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
10:15 AMDeposition of Road Dust on Vegetation.
Dick Gebhart, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr
10:30 AMThe Role of Vegetation for Reducing Wind Erosion on Military Lands. 
Edward L. Skidmore, USDA-ARS-GMPRC-WERU
10:45 AMMitigating Training Related Civilian Noise Complaints through Forest Management.
Michelle Swearingen, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr, Patrick Guertin, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr, Michael White, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr, Robert Lacey, US Army
11:00 AMBreak
11:15 AMIs Fog Oil Obscurant Smoke a Potential Hazard to the Gopher Tortoise?. 
Harold Balbach, US Army CERL-CN, Mark A. Guelta, US Army ECBC
11:30 AMResiliency of Improved Grasses to Mechanized Training at the Yakima Training Center, Washington. 
Timothy Cary, USA-CRREL, Antonio Palazzo, ERDC-CRREL, Damon Roberts, U.S. Army-Yakima Training Center, Kevin Jensen, USDA-ARS-FRRL, Blair Waldron, USDA-ARS, For. & Rng. Res. Laboratory
11:45 AMResiliency of Switchgrasses for Sandy Soil Training Areas.
Antonio Palazzo, USA CRREL, Timothy Cary, USA CRREL, Thomas, J. Lent, Fort Drum, Ian Warden, Fort Drum
12:00 PMNatural Vegetation Recovery after Military Vehicle Impacts. 
Alan Anderson, US Army Corps of Eng, Eng RSXH and Dev Ct, Paul D. Ayers, Univ of Tennessee, Heidi Howard, U.S. Army Eng Res & Dev Ctr., CERL
12:15 PMMetal Uptake by Plants at Small Arms Ranges.
Cindy Teeter, ERDC-Environmental Laboratory, Antonio Palazzo, USA CRREL
12:30 PMConcluding Remarks
12:45 PMAdjourn

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