Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
228: Assessing Mission Impacts and Mitigation Practices
Sponsor:A02 Military Land Use & Management
Seed Germination and Seedling Early Growth of Two Native Varieties of Slender Wheatgrass as Affected by Soil Humic Acids.
Elisabetta Loffredo, UniversitÓ di Bari, di Biologia e Chimica Agroforestale e Ambientale, Antonio J. Palazzo, USA CRREL, Nicola Senesi, ITALY,Bari Univ., C. Edward Clapp, USDA-ARS & Univ. of Minnesota
Measured Estimates of Fort Hood Sediment Loadings in Cowhouse Creek.
Wesley Rosenthal, Blackland Res. Cntr./TAES, Dennis Hoffman, Blackland Res. Cntr./TAES, William Fox, Texas Water Resources Institute
ATMAS + An Automated Tool for Monitoring Archaeological Sites or other Site Type Monitoring Requirements.
William Meyer, ERDC/CERL, Michael Hargrave, ERDC/CERL
Strategies for Managing At-Risk Species.*
Harold Balbach, US Army CERL-CN, William Meyer, US Army CERL-CN
Tools for Planning and Operating Sustainable Military Ranges.*
Robert Lacey, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr, Paul Loechl, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr, Dick Gebhart, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr, Alan Anderson, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr, Lindamae Peck, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr
Fort Knox Encroachment Study in Support of Military Training.
Bruce MacAllister, Engineer Research and Development Center, James Westervelt, Engineer Research and Development Center, Robert Lozar, Pertan Group, Joseph Rank, Engineer Research and Development Center
Military Vehicle Tracking for Assessing Training Impacts.
Paul D. Ayers, Univ of Tennessee, Alan Anderson, US Army Corps of Engineers, Eng Rsch and Dev Ct, Heidi Howard, USA-CERL
An Automated Feature Extraction Procedure to Monitor Urban Encroachment Impacting Military Installations.
Sam Jackson, US Army ERDC
Soil Properties of Mounded Landscapes on Fairchild Air Force Base, Eastern Washington.
B.D. Lee, Purdue Univ, Jonathan A. Wald, US Air Force, James A. Doolittle, USDA-NRCS, Christopher S. Miller, USDA-NRCS
Streambank Stabilization - Post Construction.
Heidi Howard, U.S. Army Eng Res & Dev Ctr., CERL
Target Embankment Erosion Effects on Small Watershed.*
Niels Svendsen, CEERD-CN-C, Dick Gebhart, U.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Cntr, Prasanta K. Kalita, Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Grazing and Military Vehicle Effects on Grassland Soils and Vegetation.
John A. Guretzky, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc., Jeffrey S. Fehmi, Univ of Arizona, Alan B. Anderson, US Army Construction Eng Rsch Lab
Improved Forest Structure Assessment and Terrain Modeling with LIDAR in Support of Military Land Management.
Scott A. Tweddale, US Army Corps of Engineers - ERDC/CERL
Impacts of Military Training on Military Lands: Available Research.*
Jeffrey S. Fehmi, Univ of Arizona, Fadzayi Mashiri, Univ of Arizona, Shamarie Black, Univ of Arizona
Effectiveness of Different Cover Crops (Bridge Species) in Revegetation of Disturbed Areas at Fort Riley, Kansas.
Timothy Dickson, Iowa State Univ, Brian Wilsey, Iowa State Univ, Ryan Busby, US Army ERDC-CERL, Dick Gebhart, US Army ERDC-CERL

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